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New pictures show the SpaceX spaceship factory. The home page grows with time

  • Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, hopes to use a new steel rocket system called Starship to bring hypersonic speeds to Mars, the moon and passengers on Earth.
  • To develop Starship that is fully reusable, SpaceX has built a facility for building and testing prototypes.
  • The missile facility is located in Boca Chica, Texas – a remote area on the southeastern tip of the state – and has seen a rapid increase in construction and testing activity.
  • The company has used campers, taco trucks, fire pits, kayaks and other amenities to make work in the remote location more practical and livable around the clock.
  • Retired residents living there are slowly being bought out of their homes by SpaceX, but a contingent of about 1
    0 homeowners haven’t sold to SpaceX.
  • You can find more stories on the Business Insider homepage.

Elon Musk is definitely racing around Mars.

To this end, the founder of SpaceX has gathered around 1,000 workers on a remote, sandy and muddy stretch of land on the southeastern tip of Texas called Boca Chica. His staff there frenetically build a growing and evolving complex of tents, buildings, cranes, launch ramps, and even employee dormitories to support work around the clock.

The goal of SpaceX is to quickly develop a fully reusable steel rocket system called Starship that, if the idea is as Musk imagines it, costs 100 to 10,000 times to ship items to space, including people could lower. Such a system could routine access to space until passengers can fly from New York City to Shanghai in less than an hour, and try to populate the red planet by 2024.

However, a small community of retirees who live or spend the winter next to SpaceX forms a strong contrast to the next generation of missile systems. Some of them bought houses in the area decades before the aerospace company existed (and they don’t). t much care for the occasional explosion of prototypes).

As interest in and use of the website has increased, the government has banned the use of drones and restricted overhead photography. Alphabet, which has invested in SpaceX, hasn’t updated the region’s satellite imagery on Google Maps or Google Earth in about three years.

Airborne aerial photography is allowed, however, and Mauricio Atilano, founder of RGV (Rio Grande Valley) Aerial Photography, now flies almost weekly to satisfy the appetite of people who want to see more of SpaceX’s website than photos taken from the ground ever bid.

The following images contain many images taken by Atilano, including some before and after animations that show the rapid development of SpaceX’s spacecraft facility.

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