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New PUBG update now for PC, here are the patch notes

A new patch is now available for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. After a round of server maintenance, developer PUBG Corp. Update # 8 for the PC version and adds new weapon customization options and some other features to the popular Battle Royale game.

The heart of the update is the new Weapon Skin System, which gives players the ability to customize the look of their weapons with a variety of new skins. These can be obtained from Lootboxes and applied to weapons via the customization menu. You can see some of the skins we received in our gallery.

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Players can find weapon casings in two new types of loot boxes: Triumph and Raider. Triumph is a kind of random, weekly box that needs a real-money key to open; Meanwhile, Raider is a non-random booty box that unlocks without a key. The PUBG Corp. has described the drop rates for each box and the skins they contain in the Steam forums.

PUBG Corp. is commemorating the one-year anniversary of the PUBG Early Access publication. Give players a free anniversary weapon. Anyone signing in to the game for a limited time will receive the Skar-1 SCAR-L skin that you can see above.

In addition, the new patch fixes a handful of bugs, including a bug a player who gets out of a slow-moving vehicle to be treated as if they had hit him. PUBG Corp. has also said that it "thinks" to implement region locking to "provide a better gaming experience". You can find the complete patch notes on Steam.

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