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New unlimited fares for AT & T and T-Mobile compared to Sprint and Verizon 5G prices


With the end of the price wars, your search for the best unlimited data plan depends more than ever on the reach and benefits.

Verizon has already revamped its unlimited data plan options to use it Upcoming 5G network, and now AT & T follows with the new Starter and Extra plans released on November 3, followed by the Elite Plan, which includes a HBO Max subscription (expected as of May 2020).

The current More Premium rate remains the top option for the time being, but its supply of free HBO, Showtime or Spotify will be overshadowed by the benefits of Sprint or T-Mobile. Speaking of un-carriers, it has also renamed its one-plans in magenta and a plus version, while retaining the free Netflix and generous throttle or hotspot allocations were Verizon's unlimited offers as well as the revised T-Mobile magenta plans and the unlimited offers from Sprint.

The Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan ̵
1; Verizon vs. AT & T vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint

As always, Sprint is the price-leader at the cheapest unlimited data rates and offers the most boot-time advantages. However, its coverage may put you off, while Verizon and AT & T will be more expensive as you increase the number of lines, but you will receive a signal in the field offices. However, the best compromise between coverage and price is T-Mobile's simple 4-person family plan, which gives you a great signal in the city and adequate coverage for a total of $ 120.

* All prices are for automatic payment and paperless billing. The US includes unlimited call and text fees.

The middle child now comes with 5G

-of-the-road plans are a good compromise between affordability and perks. T-Mobile Magenta and Verizon's Play More plans are leading the way in terms of perks and coverage. However, with the exception of Sprint, the difference is at most ten dollars. So if you are in a low coverage area, you should opt for the larger airlines.

* All prices are for automatic Pay and Paperless Billing, Including Unlimited Talking and Text in the US

The Best Unlimited Data Plan – Verizon vs. AT & T vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint [19659063]

Now that we've arrived at the Heavy Hitters, the price differences are stronger pronounced. From Sprint's lowest-priced 180-dollar package for a family of four to Verizon's most expensive $ 220 package, they offer the most benefits, the highest hotspot and throttling limits, and the highest quality video streaming.

The price and performance differences, however, are not worthy of you losing the signal about it. If the cheapest option is available in your area, go ahead and stay at the widest blanket an airline can offer AT & T's premium offer seems to be the best bargain.

* All prices are after "Car" payment and with paperless billing, including unlimited speech and text in the US

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