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New York Giants asks for at least two first-round picks for Odell Beckham Jr.

The New York Giants have demanded at least two first-round victories for Odell Beckham Jr., says ESPN's Adam Schefter, although the team insists on not buying Beckham.

General Manager Dave Gettleman on Tuesday responded to speculation about Beckham and refused to directly suggest that Beckham was not available in a trade, but also repeated: "You do not stop talent," said his mentor Ernie Accorsi.

There were two recent reports – one from NFL Network that Beckham would not take this year's field without an extension to his current contract, and another by the New York Daily News that the Los Angeles Rams made a trade for Track Beckham.

"Neither Odell nor his agent contacted us for either report," Gettleman said Tuesday. "To put it bluntly, I will answer questions to any of the two reports, and as I said, any decision I make will be in the best interest of the New York Football Giants." Owner John Mara said on Sunday that no one on the list is untouchable and declined to say if he thought Beckham would be on the 201

8 list.

Late Tuesday, Mara said, "He's not on the block" No, but he's not in the block. We do not buy it. "" I do not want it to be traded, "Mara continued," I want him to be a giant. I can not say that it is a 100% guarantee that it will happen. I can not say that about any player.

Beckham got into trouble after landing on the field in the week before a playoff game in January 2017 and in off-field issues like the Miami trip with his broad teammates Green Bay and a new Social Media video that showed him and a woman in bed with a pizza, a brown cigarette, and a powdery white matter.

But within the walls of the Giants' building, many say he is a good teammate hardworking worker, Gettleman affirmed the latter at the end of the interview on Tuesday.

"The kid is working off his fanny," Gettleman said, "his [ankle] rehab is going terrific. He sends us pictures, sends us a video about him running. He is an excellent worker. "

Dan Graziano of ESPN contributed to this report.

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