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New York Times publishes more secretly recorded quotes from last year's anthem meeting – ProFootballTalk

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The secret record made during last year's meeting between owners, league executives and players regarding the anthem protests goes far beyond Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, calling the current presidency "f -king catastrophic "

The New York Times has published more quotes from the meeting, and they are at times enlightening and startling at other times.

As for the question of kneeling during the national anthem, Patriots owner Robert Kraft provided a strong assessment of the commander-in-chief's strategy

"The problem we have is that we have a president who does that as food for his Mission that I believe is not in America's interest, "Kraft said. "It's splitting and it's awful."

Kraft was a strong supporter and close friend of President Trump. Earlier, Kraft said in public shock about the tone of President Trump's comment when he said that any player who fails during the anthem should "get the son of a bitch off the field".

Also during the meeting, Texan owner Bob McNair urged players to stop kneeling.

"You have to ask your accomplices, boys, stop this other business, let's do something that will produce really positive results, and we'll help you," McNair said.

The article gives an insight into the production of the sausage. And the message, as described in the Times is that everyone was focused on creating their own sausage recipe.

Colin Kaepernicks status has been mentioned several times for players

"If he was just on a roster, all of this negativity and divisions could be turned into a positive one," said Eagles defensive line judge Chris Long during the meeting regarding Kaepernick ,

Then-49ers Security Eric Reid (who recently had a tough time finding a job) complained about Kaepernicks' inability to land a roster.

"I feel like he's hung out to dry," Reid said at the meeting. "Everyone here is talking about how much they support us, no one came in and said that we support Colin's right to do so, we all make him the # 1 enemy of the country and he still has no job.

History does not mention at all that someone has violated the broader confidence of circumstances by secretly recording the discussion and passing it on to the Times during the NFL's biggest week of offseason for TV Audience, brand messaging and overall glass 90-percent full positivity. As the league prepares for the year's draft, some in power and influence positions have to ask who made and distributed the recording.

And they are probably not happy about it.

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