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New York Yankees have the 7th highest payroll; Boston Red Sox top leagues

NEW YORK – The New York Yankees are on their way to opening the season with baseball's seventh payroll this week, their lowest ranking since 1992, according to forecasts by The Associated Press.

The Boston Red Sox will lead the big leagues with about $ 223 million, ending the four-year run of the Los Angeles Dodgers as the top donor. The San Francisco Giants will rank second with around $ 203 million, and the Chicago Cubs will come in third with $ 183 million.

The Dodgers and Washington Nationals will each have about $ 180 million, and the Los Angeles Angels will be next at about $ 170 million. The Yankees will be around $ 167 million – the lowest payroll since 2003.

New York has not been as low as seventh since 1

992, when it was ninth at $ 34 in the last season of two-year owner George Steinbrenner, 5 million suspension. The Yankees rose to third place the following year, taking the biggest leagues in 1994-97 and 1999-2013, punctuated by a season in which Baltimore was $ 207,000 ahead. They were the second most important of the Dodgers in each of the previous four years.

"I think it's good for the game," said Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, who made a salary cut from $ 25 million to $ 10 million this year. "Shows where the game is as big as money, hopefully this will mean more signatures in the next offseason."

New York owner Hal Steinbrenner vowed to come into the luxury tax frontier for the first time since the start of the current tax in 2003. New York has paid $ 341 million in fines over 15 years.

Boston was not the highest donor since at least 1990, the earliest year numbers compiled by Major League Baseball are readily available.

If the Yankees and Dodgers stay below the threshold, their base tax rate would drop from 50 percent to 20 percent in 2019, making them into the next offseason for a free-agent class, the Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and Josh Donaldson. 19659002 set The Dodgers set a record with an opening price of $ 270 million in 2015, but dropped to $ 234 million at the beginning of the following season and $ 226 million when the year 2017 began.

The Oakland Athletics and the Chicago White Sox Project have the lowest p Ayrolls, about $ 71 million.

"I spent most of my career in Oakland, which seems like a big deal to me," said Yankees Sonny Gray, who was taken over by the Athletics last summer, "I do not know if money is all that talent But we have a lot of talent. "

Angels Outfielder Mike Trout is the highest-paid player for $ 34.08 million, with a salary of $ 33.25 million and a pro-rata share of his signing Bonus includes Clayton Kershaw dropped to second place at $ 34 million after leading the list for three years: Arizona pitcher Zack Greinke dropped $ 31.95 million, followed by a $ 30 million trio: Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Jake Arrieta, Boston Pitcher David Price and Detroit Tigers First Baseman Miguel Cabrera

The average salary is at the same level as last year at $ 4.45 million, maybe a bit higher While many free agents have suffered large cuts, other players with existing multi-year deals have experienced a sharp increase

The numbers refer to the rosters as of Monday afternoon, three days before the opening date of the rosters, by management and AP Players' sources and salaries include pro-rata shares of signing bonuses for players on the 25-man list of active rosters and the disabled. Termination fees for approved players and buyouts for non-exercised 2018 options are also included, as well as cash transactions in trades.

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