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New York Yankees, not Boston Red Sox, will win AL East

You can just keep going and buckle up now. The impetus for the pennant of the American League East will already prove to be one for eternity.

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have often divorced the division by just a few percentage points this season – Tuck Baseball, which could force the decision to race in AL East on the final weekend of the year if they did meet in Fenway Park.

Sounds familiar. Buckey "Bleepin & # 39;" Dent, anyone?

It's been 40 years since Dents Yankees survived the Red Sox in a one-game playoff for the division pennant, and there are five good reasons why the Yankees this year take the crown from AL East to rival once again:


. As Luis Severino goes, so goes the Yankees

OK, so a man can not win a pennant hunting alone. Fact. Nevertheless, the Yankees have regularly received a winning goal from their pitching ace this year.

In the 17 games Severino played against the Red Sox in the Bronx on Sunday afternoon, the Yankees dodged 15-2 and lost two of those games with Boston. Severino has an overall record of 12-2.

2 Relatives

Part of the success shared by Severino and the Yankees is based on how well New York's attack played when pitching. He has drawn 5.21 runs per game of support, while the other Yankees starters have supported an average of 4.68 runs.

Paying aside, the sheer sight of Severino's largely dominating performances has helped to galvanize the rest of the pitching staff, occasionally sparking similar appearances by others

As the veteran CC Sabathia recently said: "You do not want to be the type [and pitches poorly] goes out, if we have a good series and we win games, they want to go out and stay. " This works out. "

Rookie Domingo German, who only struggled with six goals in his first major league start in May, comes to mind as one of those staff-inspiring missions – two by Rookie Jonathan Loaisiga's three starts, trips in which he struck five innings or more of goalless baseball and allowed only four combined hits.

There's also Sonny Gray's eight-inning four-hitter against Kansas City in May, and his eight- Inning Two Hitter in Toronto in early June, not to mention Sabathia, who ended a 10-year season wedding in one of his most recent bets, though the strike was no longer a real weapon in his arsenal.

This staff may not have Recognition of Sale Porcello award, but it's still worth paying attention to how the season goes on.

Manager Aaron Boone said it best: "We do not think we'll get our start sequence Credit that it earns from profits without having any form of agreement with our onset of rotation. "

2. Giancarlo Stanton heats up.

After trying to reach the base in the first two months of the season, Stanton finally shows signs of the life the Yankees expected when they traded for him last December.

One end of April, Stanton batting average was as low as .198. He spent a day at .220 in early May, increasing his average in the last two days of June Similarly, its OPS has risen this month, rising from 0.772 on June 1 to 847 at the start of the series with Boston.

Much of Stanton's steady advance came from his latest series of multi-hit He has come up with two or more goals in three of his last four games and half of his last ten this weekend.

The long ball has accompanied some of this curve upset, with eight of Stanton's 19 home runs being the This month, including a laser left, which went off last week from a Yankee victory over the Nationals. This particular homer was heralded as his long-awaited "Yankee Moment". [196590020] "[I’m] had better clubs and made better contacts," Stanton said after a multi-hit game in Philadelphia this week. "I was calmer, more confident in my approach, had a better approach … [and] I change the way I study pitchers and what I think they will do to me."

Boone has long made a big prediction outbreak for Stanton. Lately he has attributed the improvements of the racket to an improved timing mechanism. Stanton started his timing-toe-tap a little faster, which allows him to get his swing to the ball a little faster, Boone said.

When he was healthy, Stanton's second halves were better than his pre-All-Star game production. In his career, he beats .272 in the second half, as opposed to .266 in the first half. His Homer share is higher in the second half of his career. He has home runs at 7.1 percent of his post all-star break plate appearances, compared to 6.0 percent on those who came before the break.

Once Stanton arrives, he is usually hard to slow down. Along with a loaded Yankees lineup that included an all-star caliber year from Aaron Judge, the timing of Stanton's potential breakout will make New York even more dangerous.

3. Cheap schedule threatened that Americans possessed AL's best.

The Yankees' schedule at this point looks like it will ultimately be cheaper than the Red Sox schedule will be for them.

During the first three months, New York went through a gauntlet that included series against the Red Sox and defending champion Astros. It has also played teams like the Indians, the Angels, the Twins, the Phillies and the Mariners, who rolled into the respective ranks. Much of New York's early-year success hinges on its ability to win those highly highly competitive series.

Prior to this game against Boston, the Yankees were 25-10 (.714) against teams that came up with a .500 or better record this weekend. No other big team had a win percentage of over .600 in such games – not even the Red Sox.

Can you K the Americans? Now it's your turn to put Judge, Stanton and Sanchez. Play the Game »

Also keep in mind: Against the four other American League teams that currently have the playoff image as either divisional leaders or wild card opportunities (Boston, Cleveland, Houston and Seattle), the Yankees [19659002] Meanwhile, the Red Sox against a similar team (Cleveland, Houston, Seattle and New York) are only 9-8.

The Yankees have set 20 games against these teams, including this weekend with Boston. The Red Sox have 23. In addition, the Yankees 55 games will play the rest of the way against teams currently under .500 records. The Red Sox have 47 of these games.

With such a favorable schedule, the Yankees could be prepared to get a small break in August and September before the last three games of the season in Fenway.

4. New York's inexperience is a non-factor.

Yes, Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar are rookies. German and Loaisiga – young pitchers who could stay in the Yankees' rotation until well into the year (even after a veteran pitcher was added before the trade deadline and Masahiro Tanaka soon returns from the disabled list). 19659002] It is undisputed that this will be the quartet's first push into pennant hunting. But will the players making it suffer from the strong pressure of a playoff push? It seems doubtful, at least for Torres and Andujar.

One of the hallmarks of Torres & Andujar's time with the big league club was their ability to get through in the clutch. High, intense, powerful moments do not seem to bother her. Andujar has a walk-off hit this season, and Torres has three, including a homer in one of those important games against AL Central leading Cleveland.

"Late and close" record appearances are those that occur in the seventh inning or later in the serve team, which is tied either by a run or by tying at least on deck. In 43 late and close record appearances at this season, Torres has hit .306 with two home runs, seven RBIs, six lanes and a .905 OPS.

In 23 record appearances, when he hits with two outs and runners in position, he beats .375 with a 1,131 OPS.

Regarding some of the Yankees under 30 stars like Richter, Severino, Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Didi Gregorius, the core of this group, contributed to New York's deep postseason run last season. Severino and Judge were among the louder presenters, recognizing that the loss of Game 7 from last year's ALCS motivated them to get over this hump this year.

5. The Yankees remain anchored by a bullish bull.

Boone may want more recognition for his starters, but he knows which arms are among his most enduring.

"We're built around this big bull in many ways," he said during New York's last retirement

After Thursday's games, the Yankees' bullpen finished third with a 2.68 ERA, and first at strikeouts (363) and strikeouts at nine innings (12.03). Boston's Bullpen finished fifth in ERA (3.10) and strikeouts per nine innings (9.66).

New Yorker relievers were so good that they hold opponents in 17 of 23 games since June 4. In this span of 73 1/3 innings, they have combined for a .86 ERA and 94 strikeouts; Both leagues are after the action on Thursday. [Yankees bullpen is also in the middle of an 11-inning scoreless streak]

In early 1965, he scored a goalless 23-inning strip.

Above all, four relievers are among the most reliable:

  • Dellin Betances only allowed one hit and no runs in his last 14 shots when he scored 24 goals. 19659052] Right-handed Adam Warren has been eight years old since his reinstatement by the DL on 4 June.

  • Fellow Righty Jonathan Holder has not earned a deserved run in 23 Relief appearances, the longest such series in the American League this season

  • The parades of Aroldis Chapman on June 11th are for the third most in a calendar month in history tied to the Yankees. He and Betances each have 60 and 62 strikeouts in exactly 35 innings each.

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