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New Zealand hurries to identify Christchurch

In addition to the killed in the attack on Friday, another 50 people were injured in the shootings, the authorities said. Of the injured victims, 34 remain in Christchurch Hospital, 12 of whom are in intensive care.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Sunday that the authorities had begun returning identified bodies to families and that all bodies will be returned by Wednesday.

Six disaster experts have arrived from Australia to speed up the process, she said.

The New Zealand Police described efforts to identify the victims as "detailed and complex work" that must be carefully completed.

"It is extremely important that we have certainty about causes of death in future trials," said Detective Superintendent Peter Read.

Colonel Coroner Deborah Marshall addressed the authorities' difficulties in correctly identifying the bodies of the victims of Friday's terrorist attack.

"There could be nothing worse than giving the wrong body to the wrong family," Marshall said. "That will not happen here."

At the same press conference, Deputy Police Chief Wally Haumaha said the authorities work closely with Imams and the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand.

"We acknowledge that the last 48 hours have been the most terrible in the lives of these families, and we understand that it is an additional trauma for them that they could not quickly bury their relatives according to their religious duty," said the deputy commissioner Wally Haumaha.

"This is an unprecedented event and the support of Muslim leaders and their community has been invaluable."

  Diggers work behind a white screen fence to dig graves for some of the 50 people who died on Friday. s terrorist attack.

The names of the victims were not published, but a preliminary list was released shared with families, New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said Sunday.

Two days after the shootings, 28-year-old Brenton Harris Tarrant appears to be the only person in detention linked to the attack.

  50 dead in terrorist attack in New Zealand mosques

Three others initially detained are not involved in the attacks, Bush said, but the authorities close the possibility other suspect is not enough.

"I will not say anything conclusive until we are absolutely convinced of how many people were involved, but we hope to be able to give this advice in the next few days," said the police commissioner.

Graphic video raises questions about offensive content

Tarrant has streamed the attack on Facebook live and the graphics video has been copied and retransmitted by users of the platform.

Facebook removed 1.5 million videos of the attack on the New Zealand mosque in Fi for 24 hours tweeted the social media company on Sunday.

Of the 1.5 million deleted videos, Facebook says that at the time of the upload over 1.2 million were blocked.

  How the Christchurch Terrorist Campaign for Social Media was Made
  The New Zealand Prime Minister's office received the shooter's manifesto from Sagittarius. Minutes before the attack

Also, all edited versions of the video that do not display the graphic content were "out of respect for the people affected by this tragedy and the concerns of local authorities," Mia Garlick of Facebook New, Seeland has tweeted.

Freitag's terrible video once again raised the question of how social media platforms deal with offensive content. Many ask if companies are doing enough to catch this kind of hateful content.

Tarrant also sent an 87-page manifesto to Ardern, minutes before the start of the attack.

The document, which was also released on social media before filming, was filled with anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim screeds. The authorities have refused to discuss possible motives for the attack.

Tarrant, faced with a murder charge, waved a hand associated with white Supremacists when he appeared in court on Saturday.

He was taken into custody and will reappear court, April 5.

Some victims found refuge in New Zealand

A Syrian refugee, a Pakistani academic and his sons were among the 50 killed, family members and charities were confirmed.

The Syrian refugee Khaled Mustafa and his family relocated to New Zealand in the summer of 1818.Syrian Solidarity New Zealand on his Facebook page

He was in the mosque with his two sons when he came to prayer on Friday. The shooter opened the fire. His older son Hamza Mustafa, 14, was killed and his younger son was wounded.

Victims came from all over the world. Naeem Rashid, 50, and his son, Talha Rashid, 21, were among the six Pakistanis killed in the mosques, according to Mohammad Faisal, spokesman for the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The surrounding area contains makeshift monuments, mosques, flowers and notes containing messages of hope and love.

"They may accept our innocence, but we will show the world the meaning of love and compassion," said a note glued to flowers that had been left standing on a roadside. 19659002]

Survivors tried to warn others

Before two lightly armed police officers stopped the attack by driving the gunman's car to the side of the road, some tried to escape the suspect from the survivors. 19659002] Survivor Ahmed Khan, after dodging a shooter-fired bullet, ran to a mosque to warn others.

There he discovered a friend who was bleeding – he had just been shot in the right arm. "I said to him, 'Calm down, the police are here now,'" Khan recalled. "And then the shooter came through the window and shot him – when I held him – in the head and he was dead."

  What we know: how the New Zealand terrorist attack

In a video of the attack posted online by Sagittarius, he is greeted when he arrives at the first place Al Noor mosque, arrives from a man who says "Hello Brother". Not a second later, the attacker raises his semi-automatic shotgun and shoots his first shots.

Suspect traveled to Turkey and Pakistan

Tarrant is an Australian citizen who lived in the south city of Dunedin, located about 225 miles from Christchurch, Ardern said. He had traveled around the world and been sporadically in New Zealand, she added.

Officials said he did not have a criminal background in New Zealand or Australia and did not attract the attention of the Enlightenment circles over extremist views.

Tarrant visited Pakistan last October and a senior Turkish official told CNN that Tarrant had traveled to Turkey several times and spent "longer periods" there. Turkey is "currently investigating the suspect's movements and contacts within the country," the official told CNN. The suspect may also have traveled to other countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, the official added.

Lawmakers Will Make Political Changes

"I can tell you one thing now – our gun laws are going to change," Ardern told reporters on Saturday. She said the Cabinet will meet on Monday to hold preliminary political discussions on weapons policy issues.

The Prime Minister confirmed that her office received an e-mail with Tarrants hateful, racist manifesto nine minutes before he shot worshipers in the Al Noor mosque. However, the email contained no time, location, or specific details of the attack, Ardern said, and it was handed over within two minutes of receiving the security.

Nicole Chavez, Angus Watson, Mohammed Tawfeeq, Susanna Capelouto and Sophia of CNN Saifi contributed to this report.

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