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NEWS 1 – Brazil's Cecafé sees exports from 2018-19 up to 35 million bags

(Added comments by Cecafe chief, context)

SAO PAULO, March 28 (Reuters) – Brazilian coffee exporters should have at least 35 million 60-kg bags, including green, instant and ground roasted, over the period 2018-1919 Coffee, said Nelson Carvalhaes, director of the Cecafé Exporters Association, on Wednesday.

He has not given a comparative figure for the previous crop, but in calendar year 2017, Brazil, the world's largest coffee exporter, has sold 30.9 million bags of these coffees overseas, Cecafé said.

Brazil is expected to achieve a record coffee production in 2018-1919, which is seen by the government at 56.4 million sacks.

Carvalhaes told coffeemakers at a Sao Paulo conference that farmers should not worry about the prospects for big production that would put international coffee prices under pressure. He expects strong demand, which should limit a price decline.

"If you take that estimate for exports and add more than 22 million bags that Brazil should consume, you will basically find a destination for the entire harvest," said Carvalhaes.

Brazilian coffee producer Abic, which also attended the conference, predicts a 3.5 percent increase in local demand for 201

8 over the 22 million bags consumed last year. Abic sees consumption in Brazil at a higher rate than global average growth below 3 percent.

Total Brazilian coffee products reached a record of 37 million bags in 2015, but sales abroad have since declined due to declining supplies, high global inventories and competition from other producer countries.

Brazil is nearing the beginning of the harvest of its harvest 2018-19 (July / June). The first new harvest volumes are expected to reach the warehouses in May. (Reporting by Marcelo Teixeira, edited by Sandra Maler and Diane Craft)

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