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News Daily: More Anti-Russia Action and Labor Anti-Semitism Series

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Sergei and Yulia Skripal are still seriously ill

Australia Supports Anti-Moscow Action

Russia may dispute its involvement in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, but the condemnation of the international community continues nonetheless. Australia is the youngest country to announce it is launching Russian diplomats, and while the number of votes cast is low ̵

1; just two – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's strength is impressive and uncompromising. "We will not tolerate this reckless undermining of international law, this reckless attack on the sovereignty of nations," he said.

Russia has vowed to avenge itself, just as it does with other nations that have already taken this step Attack on nerve cells in Salisbury

Jonathan Marcus of the BBC calls the show of international solidarity "remarkable". He says that Russia sees the UK as weak and increasingly isolated, the EU as distracted and the Trump government out of whack and compromised by the President's curious readiness to chastise Moscow, but President Putin may have made a grave mistake.

Everything is reminiscent of 1971, when Britain shut down 105 Soviet officials involved in espionage. This move has hit Moscow's intelligence capabilities hard, but what will be the impact of the current expulsions? Our security correspondent Gordon Corera gives his thoughts.

Workers antisemitism rows

"Get out of it, quite, 100 percent." This is the message of anti-Semitism from former Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair to the current leader of the party, Jeremy Corbyn. His intervention came after hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Parliament Square, who also called for action. For his part, Mr. Corbyn has apologized for "pockets of anti-Semitism" and vowed to do more.

The anti-Semitism series is complex – to say the least – and BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg says some of Corbyn's most ardent supporters continue to believe that it is simply the latest attempt to undermine his leadership as a genuine one concern. But, she adds, the plight of many workers in the labor movement about what happened is real.

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Grammatical Success & # 39; except prerogative & # 39;

The Scramble Access to a grammar school is a familiar annual sight, but research indicates that they are no more or less effective than other schools, taking into account the students' abilities and social background. Academics at the University of Durham noted that the "apparent success" of these very selective schools was due to the brighter and better-off students they wanted to admit. The government believes that grammars improve the performance of students from disadvantaged families, and it is right to work to expand access. But the study's lead researcher argues that they "jeopardize social cohesion for no clear improvement in overall outcomes."

Should Trump worry about Stormy Daniels?

By Jon Sopel, Editor of BBC North America

In Washington, we move from story to story in a flash. Everything is gone this morning. I really have trouble remembering which story I treated two days ago, so is the breathless pace. Stormy Daniels has been on the news for weeks.

It can not influence the supporters' Trump core. But the 52% of white, college-educated women who voted for him in 2016? The evangelicals? The independents? Old-school Republicans? There are important midterm elections in November, remember.

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What the newspapers say

The mass eviction of Russian diplomats is for the most part the main character. "The world is uniting against Russia" is the headline in the Daily Express, and the Daily Mirror has "Putin the Paria". The Daily Telegraph says the unprecedented solidarity statement even exceeded Downing Street's expectations. The other big story is the demonstration of Jewish groups against anti-Semitism within the Labor Party. The Daily Mail says the sight of so many MPs from both sides of the House of Commons who showed their support was remarkable. The Times warns high-ranking MPs that the strike movement could "destroy" the Labor Party. The Jewish chronicle says the protest covered a large part of the community, responding only 24 hours to the call.

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& # 39; Greatest Dancer & # 39; Simon Cowell to do first show for BBC

If you see one thing today

"BBC helped me find my family"

If you hear something today

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When You Read a Thing Today [19659032] image copyright

"My Dream is a World of Prosperous Artists"

Lookahead [10:30 Cambridge Analytica "Whistleblower" Christopher Wylie Gives Testimony to a Committee of Deputies examining the topic "Fake News".

20: 00 England continues to prepare for the World Cup when it comes to Italy in a friendly at Wembley.

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