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News Daily: Trauma Care Overhaul "Save lives" and prison takeover

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Praised for Trauma Centers

If you are the victim of a life-threatening incident – such as a traffic accident, shooting, stinging or terrorist attack – your chances of survival have been since 2012 increased by a fifth, thanks to a change in the way care is provided. As our health correspondent Nick Triggle puts it, NHS reorganizations are not very popular, but independent researchers have found that the creation of 27 designated Major Trauma Centers (MTCs) across England saved an additional 1

,600 people during that time.

If it is certain, patients will be taken to these centers – even if they are significantly further away than the nearest hospital. Once they are there, they are more likely to be looked after by senior physicians and given quick access to scans and treatment to stop heavy bleeding.

Scotland is working on opening four MTCs – although they are late. Wales is also without one, and there have been warnings that life is lost in his absence.

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"Inhumane" prison taken over

The government was forced to intervene and take over the administration of Birmingham Prison. The inspectors said the action was crucial after the prison – run by the private company G4S – had fallen into a "crisis state", with the violence being "almost unpunished". Some inmates were too scared to get out of their cells, a report said, while groups of employees were locked in their offices and parts of the prison were considered dirty, with blood, vomit and rat droppings on the floor. As our Inner-Life Correspondent Danny Shaw points out, well-functioning prisons need strong leadership, which is why a new governor is appointed, with extra staff and a reduction in capacity.

Last week, prison minister Rory Stewart said he would resign in a year if conditions in 10 target prisons did not improve. Although not on this list, Birmingham will not be returned to G4S until the ministers have made "sufficient progress".

Low income struggle

The National Living Wage was introduced in 2016 by the then Chancellor George Osborne with great fanfare. However, a recent study shows that it is still not enough to provide a family with the minimum income for a no-frills lifestyle that meets all basic needs. The Child Poverty Action Group says a couple working full-time with two children would be 49 pounds a week short. The government insists that low pay makes low pay better, but CPAG says it needs to thaw tax credits to top up wages. The BBC has recently looked at the cities with the highest and lowest incomes in the UK – see where yours is on the list.

Fighting the Fake WhatsApp War

By Soutik Biswas, India Correspondent, BBC News [19659004] Mobs have lynched at least 25 people across India after spreading false rumors about WhatsApp. Now the authorities are fighting back in an Indian state, Kerala. In a public secondary school in the coastal coastal town of Kannur, around 40 students have visited a classroom for an unusual lesson. As the uniformed boys and girls slip into their seats in separate rows, there is a question on the screen to which they are to reply: What are fake messages? (19659004) Read the full article

What the newspapers say

The newspapers are pleased with the story of a British woman who fell from a cruise ship in the Adriatic and spent 10 hours in the water before her "miracle salvation". The sun says that the "happy girl" was rescued less than a mile from where she "crashed" into the sea. The Daily Mail asks, "How did she survive?" Elsewhere, students receive their GCSE results this week and the i says notes are "distorted" by the examining board. The newspaper warns that the exams have been made "far tougher" – but the class boundaries have remained the same. And while the government plans to release details of its plan for a no-deal Brexit, the Daily Telegraph says ministers want to give EU migrants the right to stay in the UK – regardless of whether the same offer is British in the UK Abroad is offered. 19659002] Daily Digest

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