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Nexstar has urged AT & T to raise fees for ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC runners by 100%

Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT & T, today spoke about the current blackout of CBS and Nexstar locals on DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW and U-verse TV.

According to AT & T Nexstar demanded an increase of 50% during the talks. AT & T's CEO further warned that the Nexstar blackout "could take a while" as AT & T and Nexstar move away from each other in terms of a potential deal.

AT & T CEO Randall Stephenson said today during AT & T's earnings call: [19659004] I will first record the coaching disputes with CBS and Nexstar and give them to John so he can match the subscriber numbers for you. As everyone probably knows, CBS subtracted his signal from DIRECTV, as did Nexstar. And there are two very different situations. This is an interesting situation on CBS. The offer that is being asked openly is not that wide, but it's an interesting dynamic, but then we sent that was a reasonable fair offer more than 5 days ago, and these were crickets. We have not heard anything yet, we had an answer to the offer. If you are as close as we are, we find it a little interesting that we are still sitting there dark and have no interaction with CBS. I suspect they are probably distracted from other negotiations right now, but I do not know. Nexstar, that's a very different situation. Nexstar, as you know basically, aired their product, the 4 major broadcasters that aired during the year, and their opening bid in the negotiations, such as 100% increase. It was not just a 100 percent increase, but also the assets that you would like to acquire but not yet own. They called for a substantial increase in assets they do not own. So it started with a kind of non-starter. They drew their signal and went dark. Now they are demanding a 50 percent increase in broadcast channels that will air again before the year. And so that it takes a little longer, we only need to know more about this point. We will not only impose such price increases on our customers. And interestingly, unlike other times when we've been through this kind of power outage, when companies have intercepted their signal, our customers and the world of streaming have other ways to access that content, and so there are other technologies , These technologies may even go directly into the program guide in our DIRECTV product range, and some customers are finding other ways to process the content fairly quickly. That could take a while. CBS, I'm optimistic, but hopefully we'll bring her back to the table and close it.

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