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Next generation Samsung Galaxy Buds lick with a brand new design, without silicone tips

The Samsung Galaxy Buds + arrived just a few months ago as an updated version of the original pair. But it seems that the South Korean giant is already working hard on an outdated third generation product that could come to market in the coming months.

The new Galaxy Buds look like kidney beans

WinFuture Samsung claims to develop a brand new pair of Galaxy Buds under the internal code name “Bean”. The latter is a direct reference to the design chosen – the earbuds are similar to kidney beans ̵

1; but is unlikely to be used for marketing material. The renderings shown above and below are based on “actual 3D design data” used to make the new earbuds. However, Samsung is currently in the technical validation test phase, and the design could change slightly before launch.

These new Galaxy Buds are fundamentally different from the ones currently on offer because they don’t stick out of your ear. Instead, Samsung has shaped them to fit comfortably in the ear without sticking out.

It was also decided to replace the interchangeable tips with a universal design for the carved ear canal, a decision that could prove controversial among customers. Similar designs have been seen on Apple’s AirPods and Huawei’s FreeBuds 3, but not everyone loves it.

Another disadvantage of this decision is noise isolation. Rubber tips offer a denser ear canal seal and can therefore easily exclude ambient noise, but this type of design may have difficulty achieving the same.

Of course, Samsung could try to fix this by combining software tricks with the data collected by microphones.

Don’t bet on active noise cancellation yet

The brand new Galaxy Buds are approximately 2.8 cm tall and use the model number SM-R180. Samsung apparently has a total of three microphones for video calls and noise cancellation and two speakers.

One of these speakers is coupled to an external channel and acts as a subwoofer to produce low audio frequencies, which is commonly known as bass. Samsung has already introduced some audio enhancements for the Galaxy Buds +, but hopefully this new couple will take things further.

Active noise cancellation is becoming increasingly popular in the real wireless earphone segment. For the most part, Samsung was expected to launch it on the Galaxy Buds +, but ultimately it never happened.

Samsung executives said the feature is being evaluated and needs to be rolled out at the right time. Whether this will be the brand new launch of Galaxy Buds remains to be seen, but the bean-shaped design and the lack of silicone tips make the function skip more likely at this stage.

Other details such as the battery capacity are currently still a mystery. This is because Samsung has not yet completed product testing, but hopefully the information will be available in the near future.

New announcement timeline for Samsung Galaxy Buds

WinFuture says the next generation Samsung Galaxy Buds will be launched sometime in the coming months, but no specific schedule is yet available at this point.

Samsung typically introduces new wearables along with its latest flagship smartphones. For example, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 was first introduced alongside the Galaxy Note 10, and the Galaxy Buds & Buds + was introduced in the announcements for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20.

The next big start for the Samsung smartphone is the Galaxy Note 20, which is slated to take place in August unless the COVID-19 pandemic leads to a delay. Therefore, consumers should look out for these new earphones at this time of year.

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