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Neymar accused of rape, incident calls a "setup"

According to a Brazilian police document, Neymar was accused last month of raping a woman in Paris.

Following Saturday's revelation, the superstar player posted a 7-minute video on Instagram that included a long WhatsApp conversation with him saying he'd exchanged friendly terms with the prosecutor a few days after the alleged incident.

Neymar called the allegation "a staging" and insisted it was an extortion attempt against him, reflecting the thoughts of his father and his agent, which he had voiced on Brazilian television the previous Saturday

According to ESPN Brasil received a document telling the unidentified woman that the alleged attack took place on 1

5 May at 20:20 local time in a hotel. The woman reported it to the police of Sao Paulo on Friday.

The woman told the police that she and Neymar met in France, where he plays after sharing Instagram news for Paris Saint-Germain. She said that a representative of his name, Gallo, had bought her tickets to Paris and booked her a hotel room.

She said Neymar had arrived at the hotel "apparently drunk" and told the police that they had "touched", but at a certain moment Neymar became aggressive and violently intermarried against the will of the victim.

The report also states that the woman left Paris two days later and did not file her complaint in Paris because she was shocked.

According to the police document, the woman was to undergo medical examinations as part of the investigation.

Die Paris police and the prosecution told spokespeople that they have no complaint.

Neymar said in his Instagram video that he was trapped and will learn from the incident

"There was a relationship between one Man and a woman between four walls. The next day nothing happened, "the striker said," I hope the investigators read the news and see what happened. "

The first news in Neymar's video is from March 11. The video contains several erotic photos and photos News he exchanged with the Prosecutor The last date that it appears The video is from May 16, the day after she reported she met him in Paris, without any reference to the alleged crime. [19659002Neymar'sfatherandagentNeymarSrdefendedhissononBraziliantelevisionBandeirantesonSaturday:HesaidNeymarhadconsensualsexualrelationswiththeprosecutorandhadbeenblackmailedbytheirlawyeraftertheyseparated

This is a tough moment. If we can not quickly show the truth, it will be a snowball. If we need to show Neymar's WhatsApp messages and the conversations with that lady, we'll do it, "he said.

Neymar Sr. said he had evidence that his son was being blackmailed, including pictures and witnesses, though he did He also said Neymar is already preparing his defense for a lawsuit, if necessary.

Neymar, 27, is preparing for the Copa America national team in Brazil, with the next week starting Saturday leaving the training ground earlier in the day with other teammates in his helicopter.

"I know that my son may be accused of many things, but I know the boy he is, the man he is, the son of a father and a mother, "said Neymar Sr.," we will work to ensure that justice is delivered as soon as possible. "Ballon d'Or as the World's Best Player in 2015 and 2017.

One Week Before the Rape Accusation Became Notorious, Neymar lost Brazil's Copa America captain to veteran Dani Alves. Manager, however, did not explain the reasons for the change, but was under pressure to punish Neymar for his recent disciplinary problems with PSG, and after PSG lost the French Cup final against Rennes on April 27, Neymar had criticized a confrontation with a fan and publicly Teammates he did not hear enough The same problem that has affected his performance at last year's World Cup, a tournament he prefers to forget due to an image disaster due to his constant diving – the Brazilian fitness coaches say he's in the beginning of the Copa America tournament will be in better shape.

The love of the Brazilian fans for d The player, despite his support for far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who opened the tournament, is out of the field having made a series of racist, misogynist and anti-gay statements. Brazilian media reported that his father had met Bolsonaro and Economy Minister Paulo Guedes to discuss the player's control issues.

This report used information from The Associated Press.

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