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NFL claims strong support for new helm contact rule

The NFL did not even have a 24-hour break between the rules controversy.

<p class = "canvas atom canvas text mb (1.0em) mb (0) – sm mt (0.8em) –sm" type = "text" content = "The catch rule was passed and later in the day Rebuilding Their Rule on Lowering the Helmet Players will not be allowed to lower their heads to make contact, fouls get a 1

5-yard penalty and are even ejected. "data -reactid = "17"> The catch rule was passed and later in the day the NFL opened a new conversation by reinforcing its helmet lowering rule. Players are not allowed to lower their heads to make contact. Fouls are fined 15 yards and are even subject to ejection.

This has led to some concerns from the players, because hitting without using the helmet is incredibly difficult. It's also how they played the game all their lives. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at his press conference that the league sessions in Orlando concluded that the tone of the coaches and teams was complete.

"There was very, very strong support for these changes, in fact I. If we unanimously say that we can take the head out of the game, we want to make sure that certain techniques are not used in our game," said Goodell and talked about the reaction of the coach to the rule. "They are at no level in the best interests of our game."

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It is clear that the officials will be allowed to use replay in all games that belong to one Ejection, which according to Goodell has made the coaches more consistent in enforcing the rule. It would be the first time the league uses repetitions for a player safety issue. But the peculiarities of the rule are still being determined, such as what violations lead to outbreaks. Goodell said the league will continue to work on the specifics of the rule.

Atlanta Falcons president and chairman of the competition committee Rich McKay also said that the response to the rule at league meetings was positive.

"I think the coaches unanimously got up and said we're in, we understand it's a big change and we take responsibility," McKay said.

As for the players involved in the game, Goodell asked for patience. I've seen the instructional videos and learned more about how the rule is enforced.

"They jump ahead of the players who could not hear the discussion we had," Goodell told his press conference broadcast by the NFL Network. "You are responding to players who have not yet heard this dialogue and heard the reasons why we came to where we came from.

" I would give them the opportunity to first understand what the game is, before we make much of judgments about the effects. "

It's understandable why the players were concerned, especially on the defensive side. Defensive players have seen many rules to limit how they can play, with exorbitant penalties if there is a violation." The worst case Scenario behind the implementation of the new helmet rule will create some anxiety for these players.

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "" I do not know how you'll play the game, "Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman told USA Today. "data-reactid =" 28 "> " I do not know how you will play the game, "Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman told USA Today.

The NFL is concerned about safety and an example of the lower levels of the game with the new rule. The league seems to worry little about how the rule will come about. The main focus was on dangerous hits, especially after the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier suffered a neck injury.

"The head and the lowering of the head have become commonplace and must abandon the game," said McKay.

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