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NFL Draft 2018: Why the Raven of Lamar Jackson should be thrilled

Lamar Jackson had to wait a little longer than expected, but the quarterback came off the board at the end of the first round. On Thursday night, the Ravens exchanged Jackson with the No. 32 pick of the NFL Draft.

The Ravens traded a second-round pick (# 52) and a fourth-grader (# 125) as a two-thousand-mark 2019 pick to win for the Eagles for the first-round pick and the # 132. This gave them the most electrifying player in the draft.

Jackson had one of the most prolific careers of any quarterback, coming from the university in this year's draft. He won a Heisman Trophy as a sophomore, collecting yards and touchdowns on the ground and in the air like Pac-Man Pac-Dots. He was a machine.

Some people tried unreasonably to say that Jackson had to play a broad receiver in the NFL. But his search as an NFL quarterback will continue, and fans should be upset for him.

. 1 He's one of the best quarterbacks in the entire design

Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and Josh Rosen – these are the names you've heard nonstop throughout the process before the draft. But none of them shone like Jackson at school, and the numbers will tell you that.

In Jackson's Heisman Trophy he won 2016 for 3,543 yards, 30 touchdowns and nine interceptions. On the ground, he added 1,571 yards and 21 touchdowns, averaging six yards per carry.

He continued this production in 2017, showing that he was no flash in the pan. He threw for 3,660 yards, 27 touchdowns and 10 picks, as well as 1,601 yards and 18 touchdowns on the ground. For a quarterback, there is nothing he could not do on the field.

. 2 He can throw, despite what some may say

A wise man (SB Nation's Alex Kirshner) once said, "Friends should not let friends say Lamar Jackson can not throw." Which could not be truer. 19659011] The idea he can not stand is something critics try to hold against him, but in reality it is far from the truth.

Here are a few minutes from Jackson throwing touchdown passes of 20 or more meters:

They are not garbage dumps either. These are throws you would like to see when you see your NFL quarterback, and he has proven time and time again that he can. This is also true with recipients who had case problems in Louisville.

. 3 Jackson Will Hurdle You

Hurdling has become quite commonplace among running backs in the NFL (and sometimes wide receiver). But this is a quarterback we're talking about here:

It may not be that easy in the NFL, but it can be done.

. 4 He's incredibly stylish and we could see a lot of pregame outfits

It's not often that we can marvel at the winner's outfit with the Heisman Trophy ceremony. But we did that with Jackson.

Jackson wore an incredible suit jacket with a black bow tie and white polka dots when he won the most prestigious college football award. Some NFL evaluators might say that this is a sharp decision-making:

And it was also an efficient look. He got the suit jacket for $ 90 at Macy's. And of course he was thinking about the team.

"Well, you know it's our team color," said the former Louisville QB at the ceremony. "I just like the way it looked, and I like the way it feels, so I just went with it."

. 5 He'll regret to tell you to stop him

And talk about how you're going to stop Lamar Jackson? Probably not a good idea. UNC linebacker Andre Smith learned it the hard way after he said that: "We definitely do not want it to be the Lamar Jackson show, so if he can beat us with his arm, then he'll be us I will not beat that at all, he will not beat us, we'll just stop everything he's trying to do. "

" He will not be able to walk on us, we've solidified everything, and we'll invade the downfield, and if the receiver is going to make a good game like they did on Saturday here, Cal, then, I mean, that's what it is. We have to play again next and do the same. Well, Jackson landed for 393 yards and three touchdowns Oh, and he also ran for 132 more and ran for three more touchdowns – all a piece of cake in a 47-35 win for Jackson and the men in candy red helmets .

Here's one of the six points Jackson got from this game:

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And now, at this point: [19659031] Jackson is pretty good, or something like that:

6. Even Michael Vick said he was better than him!

In September 2016, Vick told the Courier Journal "He throws touchdowns , You bring her through the air; You bring her to the floor. He misses guys. He is difficult to grasp. That's all I was. "

Then a few days later, there was a hellish ringing confirmation:

7. A Promise

Jackson will probably not start this year, not with Joe Flacco, who is still on the list, but he has He is confident that he can deliver as well:

Excite yourself.

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