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NFL Futures: Best Wagers on Overall Wins, Super Bowl, Division Champions, MVP and more in the 2019 NFL season

You heard the phrase, "Put your money where your mouth is", right?

Think of it as done.

I was in Las Vegas last weekend to sign up for the Westgate SuperContest like myself. Every year, you're trying to win over $ 1 million by picking thousands of competitors in the world's largest NFL gambling competition. I won in 2015 for the first time in three years and made it again in 2017 with an 18th place finish. Although 2018 was not my best season, I still managed to get into the top 30 percent of SuperContest participants. A performance that I have accomplished in the last four years:

2018 44-37-4 54.3% 46 923 3.123 29.6 % [19659011] 2017 52-29-4 64.2% 54 18 2.748 0.7%
2016 42-38- 5 52.5% [19659005] 44.5 525 1.854 28.3%
2015 51-32-2 61.4% [19659005] 52 39 1,727

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But before we focus on Week 1 next week, let's take a look at my favorite futures bets of the season. I did the following 13 games myself in Vegas. They range from winnings to odds for the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl to props for players and MVP value picks.

I've continued to dig into these picks with my buddy Will Brinson in the Wednesday Six of the Pick Six podcast (subscribe today to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts) along with my ratings for Week 1 and more. Listen to.

Let's go.

Overall Victory

Brown's Under 9-110
Raiders Under 6-120
Cardinals Under 5 +105

When it comes to overall victory, I just look down. Why? Because the board is stacked every year so that there are more winnings in a NFL season than a maximum of 256. And this maximum of 256 has been reached only once in the last three years, as it has come to an increasingly frequent draw.

Also this year, we see that the Westgate posts two hits from the Colts after Andrew Luck's resignation. As of Tuesday night, there are a total of 258 victories on the board. In addition, 19 teams are over-nibbled (which means you have to put in more than -110 to beat the over), while only eight teams are nibbled to the Under, with five others -110 on each side of the line. Profitability is obviously much easier if you bet on a team that is below average, and so I generally try to underestimate my negative predictions and other types of futures bets on my positive predictions.

Here are, in my opinion, too many questions marks with the Browns to anticipate the long-disappointing series to achieve double-digit profits of how Freddie Kitchens deals with the responsibilities of head training and game management as the offensive line will cut off Until the talent on the defensive side comes together without Gregg Williams in tow. The Raiders have a brutal itinerary a coach who still has not proven he is fit for this modern era of football and for long-term questions with the quarterback, with Derek Carr's contract escaping after this year , and a promising 2020 class on the horizon. The Cardinals have all the uncertainties of the Browns, but with less talent in each position, an untried quarterback rookie and a coach just released by Texas Tech] Ravens wins playoffs +170
Colts wins AFC South +450
Lions Wins NFC North +1000
Eagles Wins Super Bowl +1500

The Bears' Total Winnings Have Increased Since I Settled Down; Otherwise, they would have presented in the previous section. But I think nine wins will not take a playoff spot in the NFC. If exactly nine wins increase the total of wins, I can still redeem that bet for the same amount of money.

Then we come to my positive predictions. Of the four, the Ravens is one that I really think will happen – I think the consensus has written off the offensive after a poor playoff game, but Lamar Jackson had a chance to grow in the offseason NFL and the staff should cast doubts after several key figures were retired during the off-season, as they have consistently managed to create high quality starters at competitive prices in the market for free agents and drafts. We'll get at least one wild card from AFC North, and maybe even two, and while I like Ravens to win the division with +400, they are basically becoming a top two team in The Division +170 is too good to cross.

When the good news became known, I searched the books in Vegas angrily and again to see where they would reopen the Colts winning bid and other futures odds. When I saw the +450 MGM deal on the division, I had to jump on it. This squad is far superior to those who won four games in 2017 with Jacoby Brissett, and he is a better player than the second-year man with 55 career attempts who had to take on the offensive 10 days after joining the team this year. The AFC South is a weaker league overall. I assume that only one team achieves a victory record. Why can not it be Indy?

Many projection systems really like Lions this year, from the SportsLine projection model to the Football Outsiders DVOA and more. And I can see it – the defensive line is stacked and the secondary one has one of the best corners of the league in Darius Slay, while the offensive should now be more difficult to defend as it should not be so predictable. Every year there is a winner from the worst to the first league, and while the jaguars are obviously the most logical candidate for Luck's retirement, I would put the Lions in second place.

Then we have the Eagles. They won the Super Bowl two years ago with their backup quarterback, and the team could be even deeper this year, except in this one crucial position. If Carson Wentz can survive a full season healthy, the Eagles have the same chances as anyone else to win, but for some reason they are not rated as one of the favorites. I think that's a mistake.

Props for Players

Jameis Winston leads the NFL in passing +1200
Dalvin Cook leads the NFL in passing +2000
Tyler Lockett leads the NFL in receiving yards +7500
Jimmy Garoppolo Wins MVP +5000
Sam Darnold Wins MVP +8000

I'm not 100 percent sold to Winston, but he has to prove he's a franchise quarterback before he reaches the free agency (or beaten will) with the franchise day). Its features also go well with Bruce Arians' system, and it has many weapons and a questionable defense that will cause the Bucs to be in continuous maintenance mode. Although the Bucs are not a playoff team, Winston can fight for the crown of the passing yard with 16 games.

The cook to win the title is my favorite player bet of the year. We know that Vikings coach Mike Zimmer wants to play the ball more. That's why the team switched offensive co-ordinators late last year. Cook has no backup of the quality of Latavius ​​Murray. So if he is healthy, I can assume that the offensive relies on his talent in tight games. And a first-class defense should ensure that virtually every game remains nearby.

Lockett is more of a shot in the dark than anything else. So far, he has not been a big-volume player, but Doug Baldwin's goals have to go somewhere, and Jaron Brown's 100 catches in six seasons are the greatest experience he could muster on this offensive outside Lockett, scoring 57 of his 70 goals throwing more than 427 times (most recently in the NFL 2018), I do not think it's crazy that Lockett will double his target this year. It will not be a double mileage, but even 1.5 times last year's mileage would have put him in the top five. There is a reason why we win 75 to 1 here, but there is also a much better chance that Lockett is in late-season mix than those odds suggest.

As far as my MVP bets are concerned, I have not nearly had the confidence in either that I had in Patrick Mahomes last year, but I can see the narrative on each quarterback if their teams only one Win a few games more than expected. Garoppolo has produced virtually every one of his starts, except for a tough opening match in Minnesota in 2018. So if he can stay healthy and play 16 games in Kyle Shanahan's system, he should have the stats to become a fascinating candidate when the 49ers steal the NFC West. Darnold is ready for a leap into second-grade with better talent in the positions and offensive, as well as an offensive head coach in Adam Gases. When the Jets make a playoff run, I expect Darnold to get MVP buzz, so I'm ready to play at 80 to 1.

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