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NFL Players to Trade on Draft Day Bleacher Report

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    Stephen Brashear / Associated Press

    The 2018 NFL Draft will begin on Thursday night and a flood of transactions will take place between Commissioner Roger Goodell's opening and closing announcements.

    Many trades contain only picks, but buyers and sellers have the opportunity to achieve their goals. Some teams want to recharge assets while clearing extra cap space, while others want to take advantage of the available money and additional picks.

    There are five players most likely to be traded on Draft Day. We have found their best fits and probable value based on money, production, system and position value.

    To tell some recent story, the following players were moved during the three-day event since 201

    3: cornerback Jamar Taylor, running supports Chris Ivory, Zac Stacy and LeGarrette Blount, as well as the broad receivers Steve Johnson and Davone Bess.

    Whether a challenger is looking for the missing piece, a tag team wants to take a low-risk flyer, or a franchise is for an established star, the prize has to be right. This off-season is filled with unusual trading activities, so it only makes sense that it continues through the design.

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    Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images

    Since Star Safety Earl Thomas said Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett to " come get me " after their match in December , Rumors have swirled.

    John Clayton of ESPN said Dennis and Cowlishaw (h / (19659004) The Cowboys now also have the opportunity to make a deal after dismissing the recipient Dez Bryant, Thomas, originally from Orange , Texas, posted a broken leg the previous year in an impressive 2017 season and is still one of the best hawks to change a second's alignment ability, and the Cowboys are one of several teams that can use such a powerful player.

    For Thomas, a new team is a fresh start with a challenger, while the Seahawks appear to be rebuilding after losing several defensive Stalwarts and will also consider extending this offseason, considering he plans To find free agency next year.

    Byron Jones' possible move to the cornerback should add extra to the Cowboys Give motivation to make a deal during this design. Other teams should also be interested in the right price, although there has not been as much public support as Dallas.

    While the Seahawks are trying to rebuild, additional assets will be the focus of every move. Both the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants need a dynamic, cheeky security like Thomas to go with their Downhill enforcers Reshad Jones and Landon Collins.

    Potential Contestants: Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants

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    Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

    The Cleveland Browns have spawned several newbies in this off-season the new General Manager John Dorsey tries to blow up the loss culture

    Jamar Taylor could be the next player to become the third highest paid corner on the team after TJ's commitment to Carrie and EJ Gaines this free agency. Taylor is affordable for $ 5.3 million this year, which should be attractive for teams that need a versatile veteran without breaking the bank.

    Taylor is a mediocre outside corner who can assert himself as a depth player, or he can slip into the slot and make for a bigger impact. With Briean Boddy-Calhoun in tow and enough draft picks to find a replacement with higher odds, there's no big incentive to keep Taylor.

    Finding a landing site is easy.

    The Minnesota Vikings have no outside depths behind Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander still have to prove themselves as a viable starter. They have the cap room to absorb Taylor's contract and would instantly strengthen unity.

    The Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals both lost veteran corners in this off-season and still need to solidify these holes. The Broncos could afford to play around with Taylor Taylor as the Slot & Boundary Corner with Chris Harris Jr., who played well in limited outer corners in 2017.

    The Cardinals have a more pressing need after running Tramon Williams, and Taylor would probably start against Patrick Peterson. The compensation would likely resemble the Browns' deal with defensive device Danny Shelton and 2018 in the fifth round for the 2019 selection of the New England Patriots.

    It's a modest move, and experienced teams would benefit from filling a hole (19659004) Potential Contenders: Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals

3 of 5 [19659028] Christian Petersen / Getty Images 19659003] On the one hand, it's not that far that the San Francisco 49ers feel they need to get Arik Armstead out of the first round. The 24-year-old enters into a critical fourth season with the team after a hugely disappointing first three years, but he has always been an athletic project that was a risky choice due to its patchy nature.

But the 49ers have to do it Consider moving the 6 "7", 296-pounder when they get a decent deal because they can not get any more from him on the pitch in 2018. Armstead fits not on the 49ers' defensive and projected better than a 5-technique that may be unlike a high-field rusher stout who can consistently push the quarterback.

General Manager John Lynch was non-committal to Armstead for his five-year option, according to Cam Inman of Mercury News but he is ready to start as a strong end when he is in the team.However, the 49ers would be wise to find a more comprehensive pass-rush threat.

It There is a need for its capability elsewhere, and it's not a great design for this kind of perspective. It's in an affordable one-year contract window and could command an early day 3-pick from the right team.

Both the Indianapolis Colts and the Kansas City Chiefs could use a young defensive lineman to roast and risk themselves. No one has a lot of depth, and trying to unlock Armstead's athletic upside could pay off handsomely.

A deal that also makes sense: The 49ers send Armstead and the 143rd pick to the Tennessee Titans for defensive end Kevin Dodd and the No. 199 Vote. Both players would benefit from the change of system and a new opportunity.

Potential Applicants: Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans

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    Phelan M. Ebenhack / Associated Press

    As previously listed, the Titans should trade With defensive end, consider Kevin Dodd.

    It did not make much sense in 2016 to earn him the 33rd place overall. He is a model 4-3 finish, and the team has not prioritized his development since he chose him. He is better off somewhere else than a veteran, where he can earn playing time, and the Titans can stock up on just six draft picks.

    Dodd worked well with Shaq Lawson as the lead creator for the Clemson Tigers and it is likely that he will be more of a cleanup if he gets the opportunity. He has a great size and length (6 "5", 277 lbs), and he plays hard, he had a sufficiently athletic profile to point out that he should contribute in the right situation.

    Das is still worth a day 3 for potential applicants, and there should be a handful who will be interested in a 26-year-old, with two years working on his rookie deal-4-3 heavy teams like the Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots remain the most meaningful.

    The Raiders could afford to send several of their eight day 3 picks to seduce the Titans, the 49ers have Armstead and five Day-3 Picks to join in a deal picks up in 2018 and a deal might force them to dive into their 2019 pool, which is less attractive.

    A Raiders offer of picks # 159, 173 and 185 for Dodd should have at least one conversation too go and they would not overpay, even if they had to consolidate some of those picks and finish in fourth place

    Potential Applicants: Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots

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    David J. Phillip / Associated Press

    There was little clarity as to how the Houston Texans plan to handle their overcrowded and expensive secondary as they have signed the safety tyrant Mathieu and corner Aaron Colvin in free agency.

    Incumbent Kareem Jackson is in a contract year to make $ 9 million [19659050] at age 30 and without a clear role in the unit. While he may need to take a reduced salary to make a deal, he would be a nice upgrade elsewhere as the Texans try to accumulate more fortunes to rebuild their offensive.

    Jackson is a band-aid solution for a team that requires a slot presence. He was inconsistent throughout his career, sometimes looked terrific and others just puzzled where the recipient was going. That will limit what the Texans can expect in addition to his salary for him, but he is a veteran who is often in position and much better than most rookie slot defenders.

    The Green Bay Packers stand out as the best possible landing site, as alluded to in the past, but other suitors were eligible for the cost of a fifth or less.

    The 49ers and Cardinals are also matches for Jackson. The Buffalo Bills are equipped with picks, and while a quarterback trade-up would hurt, moving a late-rounder for Jackson would greatly improve their unanswered questions at the slot position.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also make sense as long as they still regard Vernon Hargreaves as a boundary. The Buccaneers have no choice, but like Buffalo, they are unlikely to find a similar talent in the sixth round. Pulling in for Jackson is auspicious when trying to make the playoffs in 2018.

    Potential Applicants: Green Bay Packers, Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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