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NFL Playoff Scenarios: What to watch for on Sunday?

While nine out of the twelve playoff teams are clear, the form of the postseason remains in the air as we enter week 17. The Sunday games in the late afternoon and evening promise even more chaos a play-off image that has been fluctuating heavily for weeks, especially at the bottom. In the AFC, for example, almost nobody has any idea where he will play in the next two weeks .

This year, more teams seem to be fighting for playoff spots that are currently playing better than – or at the level of – teams with top seeding. Could we see that a big spoiler bothered everything with a few critical games on Sunday?

There is something at stake here and what to look for:


. Frank Reich was able to strengthen his coach for this year's candidacy by leading a 1-5 team into the playoffs. There's nothing like a play-in game to complete the NFL season, and this matchup between Colt's and 19459007 Titans has a lot of intrigue. The suddenly unstoppable Derrick Henry, the status of quarterback Marcus Mariota, the effectiveness of a Colts defense that has risen sharply lately. Chiefs-Rams is not, but resurrecting Andrew Luck for a crucial primetime game is the perfect end to the regular season.

. 2 The Texans (19459008) can literally end up as the best or worst seed of the AFC this weekend, and although none of these scenarios are likely, a team that has been struggling all season is still ahead. First, the Texans have to look after a Jaguars team that is still extremely talented but is currently going beyond anything. If they do, they've won the division and can do no worse than seed # 3. Should Doug Marrones defender play the season-end spoiler – much like Marken, if you ask me – and the Colts / Titan's Sunday Night game does not end with a tie, they stumble to Seed # 6. Here's a good overview of all the scenarios on ABC13 in Houston, with quotas from FPI's index of ESPN reflected.

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3. The Steelers are in the tailspin. After a week of preparation for a Bengals match they must win to stay afloat even for a playoff spot, the defense coordinator discussed the need for his team to close Cincinnati goalkeeper Tyler Eifert. The problem? Eifert has been on the market since the end of September. While Keith Butler is destroyed, the context of the questions and the way in which they were made should be taken into account. Unfortunately, it is summed up for Butler in the narrative that is currently under construction: This is a giant human who collapses before our eyes – the once mighty Steelers pray for the once-cute Browns to upset Baltimore to get back into the tournament to creep in

4. In fact, Baker Mayfield and the Browns have the chance to play spoilers in Baltimore, and there are some interesting components for the afternoon with the Ravens . The Browns are four of the last five winners and can finish their first ever record since 2007. Should Cleveland play well against a very difficult-to-prepare Ravens team, this could keep the pace on board for another season. Oh, and when they beat the Ravens and the Steelers, the Browns exorcise two decades old demons against the franchise they lost years ago.

STAFF PICKS: The Week 17 Slate [19659002] 5. Nick Foles has a chance to embody the almost spiritual personality he has gathered among the Eagles' fans when Philly goes to Washington this weekend. FiveThirtyEight currently estimates the odds at 28 percent – the second-worst playoff quota for any remaining team except Pittsburgh. However, it does not seem so ridiculous considering that the Eagles only have to beat a low Washington team and the bears have to turn off the Vikings at home. While Minnesota has much more to offer, Chicago can still say goodbye in the first round, so the Bears are keen to perform well.

. 6 As we focus on quarterback spotlighting, Kirk Cousins ​​ has a home game against arguably the best defense in football that will decide whether the Vikings play the playoffs. I've argued that this is a team that many do not want to see because of defense and a suddenly effective running game. Cousins, however, has fought against the tale that he has not fulfilled his fully guaranteed contract for weeks. The move to offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski has definitely immersed lives in their offenses and changed some of the game appeal trends that have been detrimental under former coordinator John DeFilippo.

. 7 The Chiefs and Chargers can still turn places around. While it seems highly unlikely that Kansas City will settle at home against the hapless Raiders, a loss to Silver and Black would open the door for the Chargers to slip into seed # 1 with a win in Denver. Losses by the Chiefs and Chargers would open up various chaotic possibilities for seeding. A good look at some of them here.

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. 8 The Patriots could still end up being the No. 1 AFC after all their battles this season. How funny would that be? While there would be a victory over the jets and some inspired appearances by the rolling Broncos and Oakland Raiders, there is still a chance that Bill Belichick will ride high on Sunday.

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