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NFL preseason 2018: The big winners and losers from the 3rd week so far

The third week of the preseason is supposedly a dress rehearsal for the regular season. More starters play more snapshots, sometimes even some in the second half of the game.

Teams still do not go out or open the back chapters of the playbook. And this week, trainers are still trying to put the finishing touches to the roster.

But it's close enough – less than two weeks now! – to better understand where things are going. What we might be happy about and which things should put the fans in deep desperation.

This week's preseason action kicked off with the Eagles at the Browns, a 5-0 success in Cleveland that was pure show football. Friday night gave us some real touchdowns ̵

1; at the 13: 6 Slogfest victory of the Raiders against the Packers, there was even one.

Since the points are not really important, we still feel obliged to name a few winners and losers. That's sports after all. We will be updating our list throughout the weekend, so check it out.

Peterson, the former NFL MVP and owner of the single-game Rushing album, turned 33 in March. He had been a free agent since about the same time, which was not much of a surprise in a league that has running backs over 30, as are characters in Logan's Run .

But then Washington was called after the young running backs Derrius Guice, Samaje Perine and Byron Marshall had been injured in the preseason. Just four days after signing the contract, Peterson made his Washington debut.

You would understand if he was rusty – he's older, has been running back for years, missed his last five games in Arizona last season with a neck injury, and only practiced a few times with his new team.

He was not. He ran hard, found some holes, made cuts and even looked … spry?

That 15-yard win on the fourth down was his longest game against the Broncos. At the end of the night, Peterson was the game's leading player, with 11 Porters for 56 yards.

That does not mean that Peterson found the fountain of youth. He even said after the game that he needed to see his body react the next day. And this is the same player who switched between strong and terrible games last year before being injured.

But for someone who has just joined a new team and has not played since November, that was an impressive achievement – no matter what is his age? – Sarah Hardy

Winner: Sam Darnold Looking Ready to Be the Week 1 Starter

Sam Darnold retained his stellar preseason against the New York Giants. On his first trip, he led the jets on an 11-game, 75-yard touchdown drive on the field. He had a key scramble on a third-and-long to keep the chains on track for a touchdown.

Darnold has shown the balance, accuracy and ball safety to seriously make the Jets "starter right out of the gate, at which point he'll probably consider starting the last two pre-season games, including the week-long "dress rehearsal" of week 3.

As it stands, Josh is the only other Rookie quarterback with a real shot Allen – two rookie quarterbacks start in AFC East. Bill Belichick smiles somewhere -Charles McDonald

loser: Matt Patricia and the Lions fail at a kick-6-hour

At the end of the first half against the Bucs, first-time coach Matt Patricia made a curious decision, with the Lions beating third-placed 20 seconds ahead of Tampa Bay 37, all three having time-outs Desired to play one, Matthew Stafford was instead relegated to third place.

Only after Patricia decided to use two timeouts … to develop a kick six, Auburn-Alabama style:

But … what if it all was intentional? Perhaps Mr. P. was just trying to teach them a lesson and see how they would handle a kick six in a game situation:

It would suit the guy dressed like a substitute teacher who wants to be taken seriously:

But no, it There is no excuse for such bad clock management. Bill Belichick shakes his head somewhere. – Sarah Hardy

Winner: Christian McCaffrey succeeds in the Norv Turner attack

When the Panthers picked Christian McCaffrey with the eighth overall score, they hoped to return with the ability to become an all-rounder Produces explosive games a consistent basis.

In his second year, he seems ready to become that player. McCaffrey had another strong pre-season performance – this time against the New England Patriots. After a 71-yard touchdown against the dolphins, McCaffrey has continued his hot series.

It took a while, but it seems that the Panthers finally have a gun that is not called Greg Olsen to lessen the pressure on Cam Newton. McCaffrey looks fantastic – hopefully his game will be in the regular season. – Charles McDonald

Loser: What happened to Nick Foles?

Are you a half full glass or half empty? This look at life can tell you a lot about how you see Nick Foole's unspectacular preseason performance to date. Three games in the preseason, he has yet to produce any points for the Eagles.

Thursday night was his worst trip so far. Foles was responsible for three sales, a fumble and two interceptions. He was even released for security.

A glass half-full take would immediately indicate that the Eagles were without their left attack and best wide-angle receiver. Half empty says, we've seen a lot more of this Nick Foles in his career when we got the guy who won the Super Bowl MVP.

Can he jump back? Could be.

From Bleeding Green Nation:

It's just the preseason, and we've certainly seen Foles being thrown back by bad games. But including training practices, it was not a good summer for No. 9.

Winner: The Brown's QBs Survived

Nobody would have questioned the Browns or any other team because they considered playcalling as vanilla as possible. This is a preseason game. Not the Browns. The Browns, sitting on the first gate, lined up in the shotgun and did not even throw the ball twice, not twice, but FOUR times. It was on the fourth and 1 when Taylor injured his hand.

Taylor left the game with a left hand injury. It turned out that he was okay. Dodged bullet. Hue Jackson decided not to leave fate well enough, but decided to bring Taylor back into the game.

Remember that Taylor completed the start job, so this step makes even less sense.

Baker Mayfield was examined in the second half for a concussion, but he has approved the protocol. The rookie's statistics were nothing special, but he got no help from offensive line backups. But he showed the ability to avoid bags and looked good in the bag.

Winner: Myles Garrett and the Browns Defense

Led by Garrett, the Browns Pass Rush pushed for the offensive line of Philadelphia. Garrett had two of Cleveland's seven sacks at night, and the unit produced four sales.

Rookie corner Denzel Ward left the game with a back injury. He did not return to the game. however, does not seem to be a serious infringement . Ward will have an MRI on Friday.

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