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NFL Trade / Cut Candidates: Jadeveon Clowney Deal Pending?

The Biggest Hanging NFL Stories in late August look pretty much like the biggest stories at the end of July. Ezekiel Elliott, Melvin Gordon, Jadeveon Clowney and Trent Williams will be absent from work, and the last two names on this list could be part of an active trading market over the next few days as the squad changes in the league.

Final reductions are due by 4pm ET on Saturday when all NFL squads need to be reduced to 53 players. Below is an introduction to the possible measures that first look at the potential future trades and then highlight some of the more than a thousand professionals who might lose their cadres before the end of the weekend.

Potential Trade Candidates

Jadeveon Clowney, DE / OLB, Houston Texans: At this stage, a clowney trade seems to be a matter of timing, not a fall. When Clowney was putting on a new uniform in the first week.

Ian Rapoport, the insider on the NFL network, said on Tuesday that Miami coach Brian Flores had met with Clowney, presumably to award the former number one 1

. Overall, pick a selling point for dolphin life. The lack of a deal indicates that Clowney does not like this option. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle Reports Clowney favors the Eagles and Seahawks although it is unclear if the interest of these teams is reciprocal or if Clowney has read only my fit article.

Kenyan Drake and Kenny Stills, RB and WR, Miami Dolphins: See above. Drake is a logical piece to return to Houston as part of a deal for Clowney. It sounds as if virtually every piece [4195111] in Miami would be available as the left-hand device of Laremy Tunsil, with Stills being particularly vulnerable due to his high salary and recent criticism of Dolphins ownership , The high speed of the stills could make it difficult to defend the Texans' pass-range if they could ever protect Deshaun Watson.

Trent Williams, OT, Washington Redskins: I can not blame Redskin coach Jay Gruden for insisting he is on the winning team. You are not trading with Williams, the best player he trained in Washington. I'd start blaming Gruden and Redskins for brass in a few weeks if, in exchange for the left tackle, they really do without a high-draft pick. Holding Williams for too long may be one reason he did not read the room. According to all reports, this holdout is personal and based on principles, which makes Williams far less likely to give in. Perhaps the Redskins believe that the best trading proposal will come after the start of the season, but they should jump when a bid for the first round comes next week. Williams has announced through Rapoport that he is healthy and ready to play .

Brian Hoyer and CJ Beathard, QB, New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers: Colt's General Manager Chris Ballard publicly acknowledged that the team is in the market for a replacement quarterback after the retirement of Andrew Luck , The Jaguars, Texans, and Cowboys are three more squads to consider upgrading. Niner coach Kyle Shanahan posted a "For Sale" sign on Beathard when he said the team plans to retain three quarterbacks unless another team calls. Hoyer runs the risk of being injured in New England despite a strong preseason due to the good game by rookie Jarrett Stidham. A veteran-for-veteran trade might make sense here, unless another team wants to give up a late-night backup backup.

Rex Burkhead, RB, New England Patriots: It's It's hard to imagine that Bill Belichick cuts Burkhead when he's so healthy that his back in the Super Bowl scored important snapshots. It's easier to imagine Belichick making a trade if he finds a buyer because Burkhead could be fifth in the deepest patriot field of the Brady era.

Josh Doctson, WR, Washington Redskins: It is notable that Doctson, a first-in-class of 2016, which has achieved many highlights in its three NFL seasons, may not be in the list of recipient-needy Washington is included. He's talented enough to do something in a business, maybe a player from another team who's also in the chopping block.

A.J.. Green, John Ross and Giovani Bernard, WR / RB, Cincinnati Bengals: All three players fall into the "Fun Speculation" category, but the Bengals are an organization in flux. Green enters the last year of his contract. While I irresponsibly speculate on a possible trade, why not consider a deal with his old friend Jay Gruden in Washington in exchange for Trent Williams? Ross, meanwhile, returned to practice this week after missing the entire camp with a thigh problem. Undoubtedly, there is still a team that could hold on to the draft 2017 grade for Ross and give him a chance. Bernard joins Green in the final year of his contract. The Bengals like their newcomers Trayveon Williams and Rodney Anderson from the sixth round, so they might listen when a team calls for Bernard.

Remarkable Potential Sections

Shane Ray, OLB, Baltimore Ravens: While the Ravens' younger native players have not yet competed with Pernell McPhee, it looks like Ray is the former First division from Denver, the strange outsider.

] TJ Yeldon, RB, Buffalo Bills: Yeldon has a double dip potential after receiving $ 500,000 from Buffalo for this offseason. He seems to be in the bubble, perhaps to create the deepest reverse field in football, but every RB with 171 catches in four NFL seasons should find a job somewhere. The recent injury to Bill's special team-mate Senorise Perry could possibly save Yeldon.

Carlos Hyde, RB, Chiefs of Kansas City: Apart from a last-minute injury, bosses Hyde appear to be releasing signing bonus of $ 800,000 in the off-season.

Kiko Alonso and Raekwon McMillan, LB, Miami Dolphins: Look for Chris Grier, General Manager of Dolphins, who aggressively turns his list over the next week. Alonso and McMillan are now backups and do not quite fit into the system. Alonso seems to have a better chance than to stay backup or to raise commercial interest.

Dwayne Allen, TE, Miami Dolphins: After Allen was guaranteed $ 1.25 million in this offseason, it's possible that the combination of GM Chris Grier and trainer Brian Flores have their first misfires in common detected.

Mason Crosby and Graham Gano, K, Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers: Crosby and Sam Fucking Were Involved in a Packers Kicking Battle Surprisingly, even the last preseason game is on. There is no doubt that Crosby would sign elsewhere if he were cut.

Gano's situation is more about his injured leg. The Panthers have admitted that they feel "unwell" about Gano's health, and it's possible that they're rolling with Joey Slye, who was perfect in field-field trials in the preseason.

Terrelle Pryor, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars: Even if Pryor puts the team, he could be fired if Marqise Lee is completely well.

Laquon Treadwell, WR, Minnesota Vikings: Viking coach Mike Zimmer essentially announced that the team presented Treadwell, the team's first choice for 2016, has become very much in the second week of preseason decided for him.

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