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NFL Trade Deadline 2018 Winners, losers: Jon Gruden, Carson Wentz are the biggest winners

The 2018 NFL trading period came and went, and it brought the thunder that surpassed all previous trading hours we've ever seen. There were a lot of bargains too late and a number of big names moved throughout the day.

It's another era for NFL roster management in terms of merchants. Front Offices are not afraid to sacrifice choices for veterans who can potentially make a difference. Teams over or around .500 see the landscape and know just how much parity there is in the league. Even with a few good teams, almost everyone in the off-season can run deep with a touch of offense and a decent quarterback.

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Against this backdrop, let's take a look at some of the aggressive steps of this deadline and break down some winners and losers.

You can check our full Close Trading Digits directly here for each train made and call me on Twitter @ WillBrinson for questions or complaints. Also check out the full listing of all trains made with CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora and Sr. Fantasy Analyst Dave Richard in the Post-Deadline issue of the Pick Six podcast.


Jon Gruden

I did not see that coming, but here we are. After the trading deadline, look around the NFL landscape, and it's clear that one club paid more for it than anyone else, and it was the Raiders. Gruden secured two losses in the first round for Khalil Mack before the season and landed in return when he sent Amari Cooper to Dallas. No one had expected the Raiders to get a first round in return for Cooper – it was by far the biggest deadline for the last week – but Gruden could bring serious value to the cowboys. It's clear that the Raiders are planning for Vegas, and Gruden has to make the selection to make the trades worthwhile, but owes him that he has filled the franchise with five rounds in the first round over the next two years.

Carson Wentz [19659009] The Eagles quarterback has been playing really good football so far this year, and with Golden Tate he has scored the best in just in time. It's nice to work for a GM willing to aggressively move and add talent in an unconventional way. Wentz did so in the form of Howie Roseman, who has acquired Jay Ajayi and Tate in the final two seasons of the deadline to help his young quarterback. Tate has caught 63 percent of the passes this year, but that's actually the lowest number since 2011. Maybe the Lions got him to grab him; Tate is a free agent after the 2018 season, so he could be a rental for eight games. However, Tate is only 30 years old and should be re-paid through free negotiation, which means that in the worst case, the Eagles should receive compensation for the third or fourth round in 2020.

Courtland Sutton

Saying goodbye to Demaryius Thomas means that Sutton can slip into a starring role for the Broncos, and like no other, he will experience a significant impact on snapshots. Sutton is already averaging 19.1 meters per catch for his 17 catches this season, though he only has a catch rate of 45.9 percent. He should see a rise in this rate with a fall in yards per catch as he plays more snaps (though it's worth noting that he has 376 this season, 69 percent), while Thomas only had 74 percent of the Broncos snaps) and will get the chance to test his skillset now instead of waiting for the Broncos to part with Thomas in this offseason. Notably, the Broncos are gaining a big win here by acting like they're doing Thomas a favor by swapping him for a contender and honoring him next week when he comes back with the Texans instead of awkwardly releasing him the coming one offseason.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are a surprising leader in the NFC East as we turn the season in the middle of the season. This is largely due to their impressive defensive performance. Washington climbs into the DVOA rankings (currently ranked 14th) and was already ninth against the pass before adding a legitimate starting security from Packers in Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix in a deadline deal on Tuesday. Clinton-Dix is ​​basically a rental of eight games, unless the Redskins want to try signing him for a longer deal (or a franchise day), but Washington pays for […] just for the fourth round pick . Clinton-Dix, D.J. Swearinger, Quincy Dunbar and Josh Norman give them an impressive secondary role that matches the strong line of defense. Washington's defense is a unit to be reckoned with.

Le Veon Bell

Bell has not necessarily increased his value through the trading period, but he has controlled his fate in relation to his position in 2018 (assuming he will do so)) The Steelers wanted They try to move Bell to get a value for the returning enemy, who passes to the Free Representative, but they could not act on Bell unless he came in before the deadline and signed his bid. It was pretty obvious he did not want to play anywhere else – there are concerns as to where he might be sent, learn a new offense, etc. – and now Bell guarantees that he will play for the Steelers on the franchise day he reports in the next week. He could turn up on Wednesday, but Monday after the ninth week, it seems a logical time for him to come to work.

Dante Fowler

A Former Number 3 Overall Fowler Finishes His Run The Jaguars, after taking the NFL Draft in 2015, did not finish impressively. Fowler missed his rookie season, fought in 2016, broke through with an eight-sack campaign last year, but only produced two sacks this year. He has hidden behind the other guys in terms of rotation and production, and now he's getting a new life by going to Los Angeles to work with Wade Phillips. He will be part of a defense in which Ndamukong Suh, Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers are on the defensive line, which means you have to see at least one or two occasions to beat a man and go after the quarterback. I do not think he will magically solve the marginal problems of the Rams, but this is a good place to produce and save the season before he goes into the freelance agency. I do not like it when the Rams give up a third round for a guy who only has a rental of eight games, but I understand why they give everything this season, considering how things started.

LOSERS [19659008] Arizona Cardinals

There was much talk of the Cardinals taking steps and bringing a few draft horses to care for the future, and Arizona ended up asserting himself. Perhaps it was the momentum of victory over the 49ers – Larry Fitzgerald had his first career after the touchdown – or it was just a bloated market that made it hard for the cardinals to value in return. It is also possible that they are looking at the list, with guys like Deone Bucannon, who are out of line with the current coaching program and want to make sure the current coaching program is still available next year, when it's time to make further planning decisions. Whatever the case, Arizona was considered a major player at the time of the deadline and ended up not moving anyone. It's a bizarre move for a team that has two wins.

New York Giants

The wounded are hit here, but the Giants are one of the worst teams in football and the reality of their situation has become even heavier on Tuesday. They not only leaned back and watched as every other team in the division took a step forward, but the Giants could not deprive the guys who wanted to postpone them until the deadline. The Redskins landed safety aid, the Cowboys landed with Amari Cooper early in the week, and the Eagles got better with the addition of Tate. In the meantime, the Giants are clearly the worst team in this division. They have a quarterback in Eli Manning, who offers more questions than answers at this stage of the career, a backup quarterback in Kyle Lauletta, who was just quoted for evading the police officers and only managed to get Damon Harrison and Eli Apple for minor returns use.

Matthew Stafford

The Lions should be doing relatively well because they still have Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay. Detroit begins establishing the race for the first time in ages, using Kerryon Johnson effectively, and creating a well-balanced offense. It did not mean that Stafford had a lot of passing or fantasy points, but the Lions are better off as a team. Unfortunately for Stafford he just lost his best option in Tate, so the team won a third round. Not only does this not take away a man with whom he has built a serious relationship in recent years, but it may also mean that Lions are not yet seen as a team ready to establish themselves in the NFC. This is fair; There are much better teams now. But it is not the move you want to see if you are the first quarterback of a team. You want to be the guy who gets the gun.

The 2015 First Round of the Design Class

This should be a good design class, crowned by two franchise quarterbacks that have developed into an absolute mess. Let's go through some of the picks:

1 Jameis Winston – Benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick several times, may or may not get a new deal

2. Marcus Mariota – Effort to Be Consistent in Tennessee

3. Dante Fowler – Traded

4. Amari Cooper – Traded

5. Brandon Scherff – GREAT PICK

6. Leonard Williams – Great Selection

7. Kevin White – Huge bust, almost had a hail Mary

8. Vic Beasley – Once in the league led the league, but may not receive a second contract from Atlanta

9. Ereck Flowers – Enormous bust

10. Todd Gurley – GREAT PICK

These are only the top 10 – another five of the first round were swapped, including Marcus Peters, who leads a fine line here. In fact, Melvin Gordon now looks like a great choice, which is a reminder not to judge the boys after a year. It's just not a good view when two of the first four picks are traded in the final year of their rookie contract on the cut-off date. It says a lot about the selection.

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