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NHL 2020 playoff schedule: Stanley Cup qualifying schedule

The 24-team NHL playoffs begin on Saturday. However, there could be questions about how the 2020 NHL playoffs will work. We’re here with answers, schedules, and more.

Qualification starts on August 1st. A full schedule can be found here and below.

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This is how the playoff format works with 24 teams

The NHL shared the “competitive format” for the playoff setup with 24 teams for the functioning of the 2020 NHL playoffs. The “round robin” refers to the seeding of the four best teams in each conference. The “qualification round”

; was previously referred to as the “warm-up round”. Toronto will host the Eastern Conference teams at Scotiabank Arena, while Edmonton will host the Western Conference teams at Rogers Place.

Competitive format

In each conference, the teams were set according to percentage points.

• • Round robin: The top 4 teams play for the first round seeding (rules for overtime in the regular season)

• • Qualification round: The remaining 8 teams play best-of-5 series to advance to the first round (rules for overtime in the playoffs apply)

• • First and second round: Format (seeding vs. bracket) and series lengths are best-of-seven.

• • Conference finals and Stanley Cup finals: The Best of 7 Series takes place at Rogers Place in Edmonton.

* The winners of the qualifying round play the top 4 of the first round. Individual matchups in the first round have yet to be determined.

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Stanley Cup playoff schedule

EAST CONFERENCE (Scotiabank Arena)

Round robin [Standings, scenarios]

Sunday, August 2nd: Flyer 4, Bruins 1 (recap)
Monday, August 3
Blitz 3, Capitals 2 (SO) (recap)
Wednesday August 5th::
Blitz 3, Bruins 2 (recap)
Thursday August 6th::
Flyer 3, capitals 1 (recap)
Saturday August 8th::
Flyer against Blitz, TBD
Sunday August 9th::
Bruins vs. Capitals, TBD

(5) Pittsburgh Penguins versus (12) Montreal Canadiens (MTL leads series 2-1)

Saturday August 1st: Canadiens 3, Penguins 2 (recap)
Monday, August 3: Penguins 3, Canadians 1 (recap)
Wednesday August 5th: Canadiens 4, Penguins 3 (recap)
Friday August 7th: Penguins vs. Canadians, 4pm ET – NBCSN
Saturday August 8th: Canadiens vs. Penguins *

(6) Carolina Hurricanes vs. (11) New York Rangers (CAR won the series 3-0)

Saturday August 1st: Hurricanes 3, Rangers 2 (recap)
Monday, August 3: Hurricanes 4, Rangers 1 (recap)
Tuesday August 4th: Hurricanes 4, Rangers 1 (recap)

(7) New York Islanders vs. (10) Florida Panthers (NYI Lead Series 2-1)

Saturday August 1st: Islanders 2, Panthers 1 (recap)
Tuesday August 4th: Islanders 4, Panthers 2 (recap)
Wednesday August 5th: Panthers 3, Islanders 2 (recap)
Friday August 7th: Islanders vs. Panthers, 12 p.m. ET – NBCSN
Sunday August 9th: Panthers vs. Islanders *

(8) Toronto Maple Leafs versus (9) Columbus Blue Jackets (CBJ leads series 2-1)

Sunday August 2nd: Blue Jackets 2, Maple Leafs 0 (recap)
Tuesday August 4th: Maple Leafs 3, Blue Jackets 0 (recap)
Thursday August 6th: Blue Jackets 4, Maple Leafs 3 (OT) (recap)
Friday August 7th: Maple Leafs vs. Blue Jackets, 8 p.m. ET – NBCSN
Sunday August 9th: Blue jackets against Maple Leafs *, TBD



Round-Robin [Standings, scenarios]

Sunday August 2nd: Avalanche 2, Blues 1 (recap)
Monday, August 3: Golden Knights 4, Stars 3 (recap)
Wednesday August 5th: Avalanche 4, stars 0
Thursday August 6th: Golden Knights 6, Blues 4 (recap)
Saturday August 8th: Golden Knights vs. Avalanche, TBD
Sunday August 9th: Stars vs. Blues, TBD

(5) Edmonton Oilers vs. (12) Chicago Blackhawks (CHI leads series 2-1)

Saturday August 1st: Blackhawks 6, Oilers 4 (recap)
Monday, August 3: Oilers 6, Blackhawks 3 (recap)
Wednesday August 5th: Blackhawks 4, Oilers 3 (recap)
Friday August 7th: Oilers vs. Blackhawks, 6.45 p.m. ET – NBCSN
Saturday August 8th: Blackhawks vs. Oilers *, TBD

(6) Nashville Predators vs. (11) Arizona Coyotes (ARZ leads series 2-1)

Sunday August 2nd: Coyotes 4, predators 3 (recap)
Tuesday August 4th: Predators 4, Coyotes 2 (recap)
Wednesday, August 5th: Coyotes 4, predators 1 (recap)
Friday August 7th: Predators vs. Coyotes, 2:30 p.m. ET – (live look-in reporting via NBCSN)
Sunday August 9th: Coyotes against predators *, TBD

(7) Vancouver Canucks vs. (10) Minnesota Wild (VAN leads series 2-1)

Sunday August 2nd: Wild 3, Canucks 0 (recap)
Tuesday August 4th: Canucks 4, Wild 3 (recap)
Thursday August 6th: Canucks 3, Wild 0 (recap)
Friday August 7th: Canucks vs. Wild, 10:45 p.m. ET – NBCSN
Sunday August 9th: Wild vs. Canucks *, TBD

(8) Calgary Flames vs. (9) Winnipeg Jets (CGY won series 3-1)

Saturday August 1st: Flames 4, Jets 1 (recap)
Monday, August 3: Jets 3, Flames 2 (recap)
Tuesday August 4th: Flames 6, Jets 2 (recap)
Thursday August 6th: Flames 4, Jets 0 (recap)

* – If necessary

Key dates for the Stanley Cup Playoffs 2020, NHL Free Agency, Draft

We just discussed how the 2020 NHL playoffs will work and where the NHL playoffs will return to award a 2020 Stanley Cup. Let’s deal with the “when”.

August 10th: Phase 2 of the NHL Draft Lottery to determine the # 1 overall selection
August 11: The first round begins
August 25th: The second round begins
September 8th: Conference finals begin
September 22: The Stanley Cup final begins
4th of October: Last possible date for the Stanley Cup
October 9-10: 2020 NHL Draft (must follow the end of the cup final and take place in front of the free agency)
Mid October: Free agent period opens
November 17th: Training camp open for the 2020-21 season
December 1: The 2020-21 NHL season begins

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