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Nick Foles expected to be a free agent after the season

When the Eagles rewrote Nick Foles' contract prior to the season, it drew great fanfare. This happens when the Super Bowl MVP receives a dramatic adjustment to its deal. After Foles had gone to the bank in week 3, the talk of his contract ended. The story of his changing teams too, as Philly did not get calls for him at the close of trading.

Now that Foles is the starter today and likely to go through the regular season – Carson Wentz hopes to heal a broken back, Foles' status is back in the limelight.

The expectation is that Foles will be a free agent, partly thanks to its modified deal. Here's why: The Eagles have a $ 20 million option for 201

9 that they would only pick up when it's the starter (and Wentz should fully recover so Foles will not start).

Foles can buy back the option by paying $ 2 million. The team can theoretically put him on franchise. He is almost certainly free.

At this time, Wentz is likely to receive its next launch in 2019, especially if the Eagles lose tonight. Foles would bring Foles $ 250,000 per launch or a total of $ 750,000. A win brings him an additional $ 250,000 per game.

Foles has already earned a signing bonus of $ 2 million and $ 750,000 from the first two games. If Philly leads the table, he can earn up to $ 1.5 million.

In total, Foles' New Deal is expected to earn up to $ 3.5 million in addition to his $ 4 million base salary. More than enough to buy his freedom (assuming Philly does not just let him go) and possibly give him a chance to start in 2019.

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