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Nick Suriano Becomes Rutgers Wrestling's First NCAA Champion!

The term "health is wealth" is of particular importance to Nick Suriano. Why do you ask? Because each of the last two times that Nick Suriano participated in the national tournament was unable to perform at his best due to injuries and illness, or to perform at all.

In Suriano's first trip to the NCAA tournament while still at Penn State University, Suriano failed to perform due to a broken ankle. He started the following season, in fact he was pretty good. Nick Suriano made it to the NCAA final, making him Rutgers University's first national finalist.

Suriano was defeated by Iowa & Spencer Lee, leaving behind his national championship goals. For most it seemed like a courageous effort by Nick, but for Suriano he knew he was not at the highest level. What he had achieved was not the fully prepared Nick Suriano to whom he had become accustomed.

Suriano spent the weeks before the national tournament with a staph infection on his knee. The infection did not allow Suriano to train with maximum effort, and sometimes prevented him from practicing at all. The Catholic product from Bergen knew that if he could only have a healthy tournament, he could be at the top of the podium.

This time things were very different for the returning runner-up. Nick Suriano came to the national tournament with all cylinders and showed his best performances so far. Suriano scored 27: 5 in his first three wins, including a pinfall over returning American Ethan Lizak.

The three wins in a row brought Suriano and Michigan's Stevan Micic together in the 1

33-pound semi-final. In their last match, Micic was the winner, although Suriano was the attacker throughout the match. Suriano had six tries against Micic's attack, but he was able to take advantage of the only shot Micic needed.

This time Suriano made sure his shots were completed when he put Micic on a double leg in the mat. The takedown was the main factor in Suriano's 4-1 win. This victory not only brought Suriano to the national finals, but once again gave him the opportunity to seek revenge.

From the opposite side of the mount came the Daton Fix of Oklahoma State. Fix and Suriano met in what was called "the biggest match in New Jersey wrestling history," but the hype of the match surpassed the event itself.

Both Suriano and Fix took little risk, which was one very conservative and slightly boring impression made game for fans. That, mixed with over fifteen-minute retake meetings, sucked all the energy out of the RAC this Sunday afternoon. The fans were most upset when the disappointing game had decided on a hands-to-the-face call against Suriano. Fix scored the winner with a score of 3 – 2.

This time Suriano went a very different way to attack Fix


When the clock struck zero, the scoreboard 4 had indicated -2 ​​in favor of Suriano. The game was not much different than the first time. Suriano and Fix gave a minimal shot, although Surianopush was a lot more striker. Like last time, they did not make a single takedown and went to overtime.

After a scoreless sudden victory and the flight of the trade in the tiebreaker Suriano and Fix suddenly went to the second victory. This was the exact time the game was decided before. In contrast to the anti-climactic Finish fans, however, they had a different end.

Daton Fix tried to slip past Suriano, but Surian stepped into his own leg attack. Suriano dipped at the left ankle, took the right leg and put Fix at the back end to secure both the takedown and the national title.

Suriano threw his hands in the sky as head coach Scott Goodale ran to the edge of the circle to point to Suriano. The signs of relief and gratitude were plastered on both faces, not only did Nick Suriano only become a national champion, he became the first ever for Rutgers University.

After an eternity, as if they had not really hit each other In the national title Suriano could prove that he is the best wrestler in the country when he is healthy. There was no "what if", no excuses. Nick Suriano finally won the coveted national championship title.

"I would like to thank my coaches, Rutgers, my mother, my dad, my support team, I've been thinking about my whole family behind the scenes, I've had my back, we've made history, I do not have it today He received calls at the beginning of the game and I took him fairly and honestly, "Suriano said after winning a mat-side interview with ESPN.

"I kept pushing him, I could see it in his eyes, I saw him quit, God bless, Blessed, I went through a lot, I came for gold and I made it, I'm blessed" Everything that I dreamed about. On it I made the decision (transfer). "

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