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Nickelodeon and TV producer Dan Schneider have taken their own paths

On Monday, Nickelodeon, a well-known children's media company, announced that producer Dan Schneider is leaving. Schneider joined Nickelodeon in 1993 and wrote some of the network's most popular shows. Nickelodeon described the end of Schneider's agreement with the company as "natural" and wished him good luck in his future endeavors.

Nickelodeon and Schneider issued a joint statement on Deadline thinking about Schneider's years on the network Reason for His Departure:

After many discussions about the next directions and future possibilities, Nickelodeon and our longtime Creative partner Dan Schneider / Schneider's Bakery agreed not to renew the current deal … Since several Schneider's Bakery's projects have been completed, both sides have agreed that it is for Nickelodeon and Schneider's Bakery is a natural time to pursue other opportunities and projects. Dan and his Schneider's Bakery team have created a series of sustainable and groundbreaking hits over the years … We thank Dan and his Schneider's Bakery producers, executives, and the social media team for their immense work Contribute to Nickelodeon and wish them well in future efforts …

The statement also states that "… Dan and Schneiders Bakery are proud of the work they have done with Nickelodeon and are always big fans of the network stay. "

As People reported that Schneider has worked with a number of stars who have essentially begun their careers on the network. He initially worked as a writer and producer with All That Amanda Bynes and Kenan Thompson (who tailors also worked on The Amanda Show and Kenan and Kel, .) The store further reported that Schneider was creating a variety of popular shows on the network of 2004 was credited on – the year Schneider returned to Nickelodeon after a brief residency at The WB.

According to People some of Schneider's most popular Nickelodeon shows at this era belong to Drake & Josh, with Drake Bell and Josh Peck, Zoey 101 with Jamie Lynn Spears, Victorious with Victoria Justice, iCarly mi t Miranda Cosgrove and Sam & Cat with Ariana Grande.

As Vulture Some of the more recent shows of Schneider's company, including Henry Danger Game Shakers and The Adventures of Kid Danger are still on the air. Nickelodeon reported Monday that Game Shakers will end this season. There was no reason for the show's cancellation, but said in a statement to Deadline, "After three seasons and 63 episodes, Nickelodeon has wrapped up production on its live-action series Game Shakers ] We are proud of the success of the show and our dedicated and talented cast and crew, and premieres will continue to air in 2018. "

During an interview with Campaign in 2015, Schneider described how he started working on children's television He noticed that he initially regarded it as a temporary job. Well, a lot has changed since then. As he put it:

Schneider has not stated whether or not he will continue watching TV after leaving Nickelodeon.

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