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Nike's self-ironing shoes are back, and you can actually afford them – BGR

For years, we have been waiting for shoemakers to develop shoes that were only possible in movies, but it turned out that making smart shoes is not that easy.

Nike is one of the companies that created such models in the past, including one for Marty McFly. At $ 720, however, the normal pair of self-ironing Nike sneakers costs just as much as a high-end smartphone. However, Nike has found a way to make it much more affordable, and next year you could finally find a pair that you can afford in stores.

Pro Shoe Blog Sole Collector Confirmed Nike Quarterly results call for the second quarter of fiscal year 2019 that Smart Shoes will hit the market for performance basketball next year.

"I'm pleased to announce that we're launching a new adaptive performance platform for basketball in the New Year for $ 350," said Parker. "We have a smart shoe that's perfectly tailored to fit, and it's an important step in driving our digital transformation with the product and connecting it."

Andy Campion, vice president of Nike, said that HyperAdapt 2.0 in the spring of 201

9 without an offer will arrive a fixed release date. While the shoes are to be worn on the basketball court, nobody will blame you for showing them in public. And once the technology has established itself, Nike will assume that it will equip more shoes with self-lacing technology.

If you absolutely had to wear shoes as cool as Marty McFly's – well, almost so cool – then all you have to do is wait a few more months. The downside is that you still have to worry about charging the battery. Shoe techniques with self-lacing consume energy, which means that these babies need batteries.

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