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Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets, denies suspensions after a dispute with Utah Jazz

SALT LAKE CITY – The Denver Nuggets turned down three major starters, including star center Nikola Jokic, for leaving the bank area during a physical confrontation between Utah jazz rogue Derrick Favors and Nuggets Backup center Mason Plumlee.

Favors and Plumlee were both ejected after their reload led to a crush under the basket. 2:46 in the first quarter of Jazz's victory between 114 and 108 remained.

The NBA found Jokic, Gary Harris and Jamal Murray violated the rule that players who do not participate in the game leave the bank's immediate surroundings during a dispute. Violations of the rule will automatically be blocked by a $ 50,000 game deadline and fine.

"I think our assistant coaches made sure nobody was on the pitch," said Denver coach Mike Malone. "I have no doubt that our boys stay where they should stay."

Jokic dismounted from the Nuggets Bank and took a few steps to the ground. He did not step onto the court and did not stand up to anyone before he was withdrawn by a Nuggets assistant. He seemed puzzled by a question about a possible discipline from the League Office.

"I was not on the court," said Jokic, who had 28 points, 21

rebounds and 6 assists in the loss. "I mean, I can not kick in. I was not even around. If they punish me, they'll punish me, but I did not do anything."

Harris and Murray also descended the stairs baseline, but not as far as Jokic.

"I did not do anything," Harris said. "I've taken a few steps, I mean, that's natural, the fans have taken a couple of steps, you see [something] like that, you obviously want to get in there for your teammates, obviously it was quite physical so it was just a natural reaction on the step [want to] and tried to do something, but the people on the square have managed well to break the whole thing. "Under the basket favor sat down the arm of Plumlee and they exchanged hard kicks after they turned in the faces had advised the other. Several other players helped to separate them before punches were fired.

Will Barton of Denver and Royce O'Neale of Utah also exhibited technical fouls after the incident.

said. "Before that event, from my point of view, you could see very clearly that Derrick Favors pulled Mason's arm and then somehow broke out, it would have been nice to defuse that when that happened, but that's part of the NBA happens. "

The Nuggets' next game is at home against the Phoenix Suns on Friday.

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