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Nintendo announces dates, prizes for Ridley, Inkling and Wolf Smash Ultimate amiibo

Not Wolf Link, Wolf … digging …

Just now I was thinking about the topic of sparse amiibo news in the past year. Ladies and Gentlemen: we have Amiibo News.

Nintendo has just confirmed (via their official "Versus" Twitter account) the release dates for the Ridley (the freshman), Inkling (Note: Counting Splatoon 1 + 2 This is the fourth version of an Inkling Girl amiibo) and Wolf (from Star Fox fame) amiibo, which now features the worldwide release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on December 7th. They will sell for $ 15.99. Daisy, Pichu and Ice Climbers are on their way, but were not mentioned in the tweet.

Somewhat vaguely formulated, Nintendo has also confirmed the original Super Smash Bros. Amiibo Line reprint that "many" will arrive later this year at $ 1

2.99, the original price point for the Numbers. In Japan, we have a solid affirmation that every single figure in this region is getting a reprint and has even segmented data for its launch, but this "many" commentary might signal that not every toy will make it to the west. We've contacted Nintendo to be sure, and you can bet Scalpers are already preparing their algorithms and raising their fingers as fans prepare for import.

Want a complete updated list of all confirmed Amiibos since 2015? Here!

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