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Nintendo Labo Test – TechCrunch

I'm here to tell you first hand : Nintendo Labo is no joke. I am an adult person who has spent many hours of her life building things: office furniture, websites, a 1920s Batmobile model from the movie, Tim Burton. In the fourth grade, I tried to make Mission Santa Barbara out of sugar cubes. It did not go well, but the point (I was told) is that I tried.

We talk about several decades of building things. Follow the instructions, backtracking, try again. I'm sure there are all kinds of valuable lessons I learned along the way. Self-discipline, patience, teamwork, why sugar is not a structurally healthy building material. But with this whole building under my smart belt, Nintendo Labo is no walk in the park.

It's literally a breeze. It is there, on the box, "6+". I've been six plus ̵

1; let's say … a while. And yet, I needed two hours this morning to build a cardboard piano. Now I have a table full of scrap metal, a small piece of paper on my ring finger and a surprising sense of accomplishment. Oh, and the piano is pretty cool too.

Labo is one of the most intriguing products that have been on my desk lately. It is unique, bizarre and as frustrating as it is fun. In other words, it's unique to Nintendo – not so much out-of-the-box thinking as it is the actual box. It is a product based on the premise of keeping children quiet, following instructions and folding them out of cardboard. And strangely it works completely.

Hook, cord and plummet

I would not have been my first choice to review Labo, but I was uniquely qualified if I only went for half the day through the kit with a room full of brightly dressed and infectious Nintendo staff , This experience served as our foundation when we were split up into small teams and went through a series of increasingly complex projects.

We started with the race cars, the introductory project of the box, which is really getting used to the strange world of Labo. But even this little appetizer is a glimpse of the cleverness that's included everywhere, as the cardboard-pack Joy-Cons use their own haptic feedback to push ahead as they control their speed via the touch screen. Because there is a pair of joy-cons for each counter, you can compete against each other.

The second practical project felt like a considerable increase. Nintendo determines the construction period of the fishing rod at one and a half to two and a half hours, compared to the 20 minutes in total. In other words, find a comfortable place, maybe some music and make sure you are hydrated. When it's done, however, you'll get a working roll with a string and a rod that vibrates when you catch a fish on the screen. Pretty neat.

After working in a well-supervised room with Nintendo employees a few weeks ago, I naturally took over the group's most complex project.

Key to the Kingdom

According to Nintendo's estimates, the piano should last from two and a half to three and a half hours. I built the thing in about two hours – a feat for an adult who was supposed to be working. Nevertheless, it reflects how big the time is that these projects are fizzling out. That's certainly good news for parents looking for an ideal project for a rainy day. It's a clever little game that uses a video game system to make them do something other than play video games. Ordinary trick, Nintendo

The main set is a large, flat and heavy box of 28 boxes made up of six different projects. There is also a plastic bag in it which contains a random selection of nibbles – rubber bands, reflective stickers, washers – all of which will be useful. There is no proper instruction booklet because the switch will do all the heavy lifting there.

The screen takes you through the process of building, one patient step a time. Touchscreen commands are superior to paper in many ways, including a series of animated videos that show the movement of properly functioning components and the ability to pan the camera angles for a full 360-degree view of the build. You can rewind when you need to make a backup or fast forward when things get repetitive – like the 13 keys on the piano.


But do not go too fast. The kit throws some curved balls at you – as in the case of some tabs that are folded inwards to double as feathers. But that is the one constant. Wrinkles. So, so much wrinkles. Honestly, it gets pretty boring on longer projects. The instructions illuminate this fact from time to time with little remarks about the repetition. It's also best to step away from a particularly stressful stretch – probably the right step for both your health and your health.

However, once you get into the rhythm, it's strangely meditative. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold. Tap, fold.

Congratulations, you have whole 1/6 steps.

I would say it's not the destination, it's the journey, but honestly, this is really about the destination. The most satisfying part in all of this was how seemingly abstract forms snap into place and create a fully developed object. These little kits are truly remarkable technical masterpieces, and in the case of the piano, it is unbelievably satisfying to finish the object – and actually play the keys that recognize the role of each piece in the entire creation

There are so many smart touches, from the inclusion of joy-cons to the use of reflective tape that triggers the switch's built-in cameras. It is this functionality with which the piano keys play notes over the switch itself. It also triggers the arms and legs on the robot through a series of pulleys.

It also relieves the moment when you realize that you have done everything right. Although I still had some cases where I had to go back several steps because I had missed a wrinkle or done something wrong. As mentioned in the instructions, wrinkles are at the heart of the project. A bad or incomplete crease can eventually lead to heartbreak. So fold, kids. Fold as if your life depends on it.

Building History

Companies that make coding toys will usually say the same thing: in the end, it does not matter that they are not written in a universal programming language as long as they teach the basics. The jury still does not agree, but I think there is a lot to be said for a product that is able to promote curiosity and love in a larger idea. In my opinion that's the biggest incentive for Labo. It encourages children to step out of the console for a minute and build something with their hands.

Does the construction of a labo-piano or a fishing rod make you more qualified to create the real thing? Not really, but it does help to arouse a real interest in the way things work. A friend friend recently told me a story about how she got into the culture. Her parents came home one day and she had a computer disassembled and reassembled to install a component. From then on, she told me, they came to computer help.

Every manufacturer has such a story – a first step in which often a computer or a clock or a toaster is torn off piece by piece. Labo may have the ability to explore this path without destroying an antique clock. (If, however, it is successful with your children, I would keep an eye on your piano if you have one at home.) For more complex projects, parental guidance is also recommended, which provides a great opportunity to connect with children's creation with a side of frustration. And when you're done, you have a beautiful object that looks like it was from the plates of Calvin & Hobbes .

If your children do not have the passion to build – they will learn this lesson pretty quickly as well. Many children just will not have the patience to sit and fold for hours. It is also worth noting that when finished, the objects are fragile. They are cardboard, after all. Water is their mortal enemy, and rowdy kids are a near second-pieces can easily rip or tear, even accidentally during the construction process. Luckily, the company started selling pieces one at a time.

Of course, $ 70 is not an insignificant sum to find everything. And by almost every measure, it's a pretty steep premium for what makes a cardboard box full of cardboard. And of course, that does not take into account the price of the switch itself.

But what the kit does is constant discovery. From there, kids can graduate to the massive Robot Kit (which will save for a rainy weekend), which costs $ 80 and features a complex pulley system and a fun little game in which to carry a poor, defenseless city. Even more fascinating (and much less expensive) is Toy-Con Garage.

Integrated into both packages, the portal allows children to remix and hack creations, providing an overview of the technologies involved. If this box gives you access to the wonderful world of making, that's it. The predefined kits are just as much a lesson in following instructions as they build. The Toy-Con garage on the other hand opens the door to true creativity.

Labo is the most bizarre, creative and unique Nintendo product since the switch. It's not for every child – that's for sure. And the $ 70 fee will make it unaffordable for many parents. But those who deal with it do it like ducks to the water – and hopefully he will not wet the box.

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