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Nintendo Launches First Switch Pokemon Game | News and opinion

The Switch already enjoys a healthy collection of Nintendo first-party games, but last night the first Pokémon game was announced for the system. Besides, it is already available for downloading and playing!

The game is called Pokemon Quest, but it's very different from the core Pokemon games we're used to from Nintendo's handhelds. This is Pokemon-lite, and it's a free game that also runs on Android and iOS platforms.

While this will be disappointing for some (most?) Players, it's worth taking a look at this quirky one (19659002)

If Minecraft and Pokemon have a child, It probably looks like this.

Each Pokémon is dice-shaped The player does not control them directly. Instead, they wander in groups over Tumblecube Island while the player waits for the attacking lines to fill. The goal is to eliminate levels while collecting power stones and other items from around the island.

Each Pokémon can be energized and deployed in formations while creating new items in the Base Camp to collect new Pokemon for you. Yes, that's Pokemon in its most casual form, but if you're aiming for free-to-play on mobile platforms, you have to.

As Polygon reports, it's a free-roaming game that can be expected to have regular opportunities, To buy things. These will be in the form of expedition packages, of which there are already three that cost between $ 4.99 and $ 17.99. Content includes everything from a pot to increase the number of dishes you can cook, and new Level 1 Pokemon with a special pull to a range of Poke Ball models that reward you with more PM tickets.

What are PM tickets? Now, as is customary in free-to-start games, Nintendo included an in-game currency called PM-Tickets. They can be used to speed up certain tasks such as cooking or energy bar refill, and will therefore be very tempting so you spend more to get more.

Is this another game that will generate millions for Nintendo? As soon as it hits Android and iOS, the answer to that question is a definite "yes!"

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