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No cross-play of Borderlands 3 at launch, but Gearbox is committed to it

Borderlands 3 will not offer cross-play support on any of its platforms for launch in September: PS4, Xbox One and PC. However, the feature could be added sometime after the release, as Gearbox is "determined" to do so, says Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford, who set about alleviating expectations for a teaser on July 16th.

] His statement came after Gearbox released a teaser that invited players to a "Feast of Togetherness". Some people saw this as an indication of crossplay, but that's not the case. The teaser was for something else; Whatever it is, it will be revealed on July 16 at 7 pm PT / 10 pm ET. [ Update: The time has come and it turns out that this is a new Borderlands 3 trailer in which the game's various playable vault hunters dance around, albeit with the kind of Borderlands -y-turn that you might expect. In addition, despite the initial expectations placed on the teaser, there was no news about the game.]

"Some people may speculate that this matter might be crossplay tomorrow," Pitchford said . "The thing of tomorrow is great, but not in terms of crossplay, but, good news, we're determined to support Crossplay for Borderlands 3 with our partners as soon as it's possible after the launch. #Talklater"

Pitchford drove continuing to confirm that Borderlands 3 does not have crossplay at startup, though there are discussions going on to do so. "To be very clear, there will be no cross-play features at the launch of Borderlands 3 as we work closely with our partners to get a positive cross-play experience as soon as possible," he said. "We are committed to cross-play on as many platforms as possible."

According to Pitchford Borderlands 3-Publisher 2K Games makes all decisions about "platform partnerships" and this would probably include cross-play. "I and the Gearbox team are very interested in cross-platform games," Pitchford said in April.

Borderlands 3 supports co-ops for four players, so it seems they are cross-play features. However, nothing is confirmed yet.

Borderlands 3 will launch on September 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, while the game is also available for Google Stadia.

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