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No-deal Brexit pushes Britain into "legal vacuum," warns Keir Starmer | politics

Theresa May and the government would face a race against time to pass a series of new laws or risk an "unsustainable legal vacuum" if Britain crashed without an agreement from the EU, Labor leader Keir Starmer warned. [19659002] Dominic Raab insisted last week that the government had the legislation in place should the UK leave in March 201

9 without an exit agreement.

"Our laws will be on the code, the staff will be there, the teams will be in office, and our institutions will be ready for the Brexit deal, or no deal," said the Brexit Secretary.

But Labor's analysis suggests that new laws would have to be hastily passed in four key areas:

  • EU citizens' rights
  • Immigration rules for EU travelers entering the UK
  • Criminals under the European Arrest Warrant
  • The Irish border

The government has long promised an immigration law has not even

The Committee Committee on Internal Affairs recently warned that "if there is no deal, [the immigration system] will be completely chaotic No one will know until the very last minute what the arrangements are going to be, and there will be no time for anyone to plan at all. "

Several new regulators or other public bodies would also have to be created, including in medicine and in aviation, Labor claims. The resignation bill gives some powers to the ministers, but they are severely limited.

Last week, Starmmer described the release of 24 technical bulletins on how the government is preparing for a no-deal "badly executed public relations ploy to convince Tory MPs back the Prime Minister's discredited check proposal." [19659002] He said the government had "barely scratched the surface" on what needed to be done to prepare the UK for a no-deal scenario, and there was a serious risk of a "non-sustainable legal vacuum"

Exit agreements with the EU should allow most existing laws and institutions to remain in place for a transitional period of nearly two years, while the government negotiates the details of its future trade relations with the EU

  Philip Hammond

Chancellor Philip Hammond a thorn in the eye of Tory Brexiters after he published a letter containing an Ver The loss of 80 billion pounds to the Treasury predicted from a no-deal scenario. Photo: Simon Dawson / Reuters

But if the talks collapse – or the MPs reject the deal – it's unclear what would happen next. In the end, with the March deadline set by the triggering of Article 50, Britain could end up without an agreement.

Joe Owen of thinktank, the Institute of Government, said that in an emergency, Parliament could quickly pass laws; but it is unclear whether parliamentarians would cooperate. "Parliament could hold it if it wanted," he said. "Whatever road you go down, there will be a bun fight in Parliament."

Hardline Brexiters on the conservative backbenches are keen to downplay the risks of a no-deal outcome, with some believing it preferable to the Checkers position, with its "common rules" and single market for commodities.

They were angry at Federal Chancellor Philip Hammond's decision to release a letter last week that suggested Treasury forecasts that gross domestic product could be £ 80bn in a no-deal scenario.

Former Brexit secretary David Davis used an article in the sun on Sunday to urge the public to "ignore the Treasury misery traders, fear no more things that will never happen" and plans for real opportunities to conceive great land when it comes to it.

After a week before the MEPs return from their long summer break to Westminster, electoral groups on both sides of the Brexit ditch are preparing for an attempt (19659002) People's Vote, a bipartisan interest group, to hold a referendum Concerning the final Brexit deal, their members urge them not to attack the Labor leadership, trying to reach a vote on the issue at the party's conference.

In a memorandum from the Guardian, his communications director Tom Baldwin says, " This campaign is not about Jeremy Corbyn, and we must not – will not – use it to damage or undermine the leadership of the party or attack them personally.

Baldwin also tries to end the recent rumors that the election campaign could be used as a means for a breakaway group of Labor MPs to form a new

A serious Brexit would kick Britain out of the Internal Market and the Customs Union The Brexiters believes that withdrawal of control of "the UK's borders, laws and money." This would mean that the trade tariffs will be repaid, ever after what (if any) the FTA has agreed See our full Brexit phrasebook

"The looming prospect of a botched Brexit is too important for anyone to use for pursuing another political goal," says he.

Labor has come closer to a referendum the last agreement if Parliament declines – though the leadership would prefer the opportunity to challenge May in general elections.

A government spokesman said on Sunday evening, "We do not want or expect a no-deal scenario and remain confident We will agree a mutually beneficial agreement with the EU As we said last week [Raab]we are setting the legislative building blocks

"The EU Revocation Law is a crucial law that will ensure that a working legal code exists on the starting date, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations. In the meantime, Leave Means Leave, which counts Nigel Farage among its prominent supporters, has set a £ 5 million donation target to persuade May and her cabinet to cancel and squeeze Checkers' position with a " clean Brexit "ahead

" Leave Means Leave has the fight of our lives ahead of us. We are David to the Goliath of the Establishment, but we are determined to win this fight, "said its chairman John Longworth.

The government's technical announcements about a no-deal Brexit – the first group of more than 80 expected before the end of next month – warned that British exports could be taxed, that credit card payments to the EU would become more expensive and that British people living abroad could lose access to payments from their bank accounts

was not the preferred result of the government and said: The vast majority, about 80%, of the assignment agreement has now been agreed. "

However, the intensification of preparations for a no-deal outcome was one aspect of the agreement reached in Checkers in July , May has scheduled a special Cabinet meeting on September 13 to discuss government readiness, with some ministers complaining that not enough is being done.

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