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No Man's Sky has a big new update coming out this summer – TechCrunch

Following a striking silence with a mysterious teaser tweet on Thursday, Sean Murray, the creator of No Man's Sky, revealed another great free update is on its way. The new content, released for the first time since last Visions Update last year, will hit the massive space exploration game this summer.

The bundle of new content, called No Man's Sky "Beyond," will bring together three different updates, though Murray just gives up the details of one until now. The one we know of calls Murray "No Man's Sky Online". This includes "a radical new social and multiplayer experience that allows players anywhere in the universe to meet and play together" and mix three independent updates into one vision for something much worse. "

The short preview image does not show much, but it shows a ship we have not seen yet, either in a redesigned space station (that would be nice!) Or in some form of the brand new multiplayer hub area.

Murray emphasized that the multiplayer update did not add elements from other major multiplayer games such as microtransactions or subscriptions, and that he did not intend to turn No Man's Sky into an MMO. (Still, when many people play online together in a huge world, is not that a kind of MMO?) The blog post commented that the team would release more details on the other two major new content coming weeks.

"These changes are a response to what we've seen since the release of NEXT, as people have played, and we dreamed about that for a long time," added Murray.

After a Very Hard Time The No Man's Sky team has consistently expanded the game with the release and associated critical lambasting in 201

6. This commitment to building the world that the development team originally promised has brought "millions" of new players into the group, inspiring a thriving online and in-game community.

This community is happy to announce its latest post. Murray has no plans to leave the game soon.

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