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No Man's Sky's Beyond Update brings some significant quality of life enhancements

No Man's Sky Beyond Update brings some massive new features into the game. But while things like the new and improved social system and virtual reality support are likely to be the focus, the patch also includes some gameplay enhancements that should make even the smallest moments even more enjoyable.

Perhaps the biggest change is upgrading the inventory space of the players. While it used to be hard to get into inventory space, Hello Games eased those restrictions by allowing players to carry a "nearly unlimited" amount of mined material.

Speaking of mining resources, that too has been improved in this latest update of the game. Mining is now interrupted much less often. The Sentinels, who used to harass gamblers, are now less aggressive, which means they bother you less while you think. Other mining improvements have redesigned the mining beam to reward players for trying to get the most out of the beam before overheating.

One of the larger additions to this patch is the new ability to tame animals. If you've tamed any of the animals in No Man's Sky you can ride it now, and it serves as a vehicle through any foreign wilderness you explore. Although the limits of the system are not yet clear, it seems like you could ride some pretty big creatures ̵

1; even huge cobras .

These are just a few of many, many quality features. Life and gameplay updates included in No Man's Sky's Beyond Update. For a complete overview of all the changes, see the following patch notes:

No Man's Sky Beyond Patch Notes

Virtual Reality Support

  • Our most requested feature: You can now view the entirety by No Man's Sky in virtual reality without compromise.
  • Switch seamlessly between VR and standard gameplay. Continue with existing storage to re-visit your favorite planets, bases, and creatures in full virtual reality.

Advanced Multiplayer

  • Multiplayer sessions can now accommodate more explorers. The Space Anomaly can accommodate 16 players on all platforms.
  • Throughout the rest of the universe, the maximum number of players has been increased from 4 to 8 players on the console and from 4 to 32 players on the PC.
  • Virtual Reality and Standard Mode players can be seamlessly merged into the same multiplayer session.

The best time to start a new journey.

  • Missions and tutorials have been significantly redesigned. The early game was optimized and geared towards teaching players new mechanics, especially in VR.
  • New story content has been added to intertwine the existing sections of the Atlas Path, the Journey of Space Anomaly, and the story of Artemis.
  • Fabrics, manufactured products, new technologies and other curiosities are automatically added to the new catalog when they are first encountered. A revision of the pinning system allows players to get detailed, step-by-step instructions for finding or creating items in their catalog.
  • The instructions have been significantly improved as the game progressed, including the automatic highlighting of relevant manufacturing requirements and better message delivery of the context in complex missions.

Ambient Multiplayer

  • Ambient encounters with other investigators are now presented with full character models, allowing players to see each other's character and ship customizations. Living, building and exploring together is more extensive and immediate than ever before.
  • Use the voice and network interface to connect with other researchers.
  • PC players can use an advanced chat interface to control group options and manage communication.

A new social center

  • The Space Anomaly has been transformed into a brand new social center. This unique common space exists in all systems and galaxies and gives all researchers the opportunity to see each other's character and ship adaptations, make new friends and do missions together.
  • With the powerful Space Anomaly Teleporter, explorers can easily browse and visit each other's bases directly from the anomaly.
  • The teleporter will also contain extraordinary bases created by members of No Man's Sky community, bringing visitors from around the world to the best bases in the universe.
  • Explorers that have encounters with the anomaly now have the ability to summon them in space.

Nexus Missions

  • Multiplayer missions are now initialized from the nexus aboard the space anomaly. Currently, a large number of unique missions are available – including a new mission style – basic design.
  • Team up with other explorers – friends or chance encounters – to complete missions for Nada and Polo and receive rewards.
  • Nexus Quicksilver will soon be part of the mission rewards, unlocking special adjustments and components from Polo's robot companions.

Technology Trees

  • Designs are now made visible by unlockable technology trees. Learning new craft recipes is now clearer, more interactive, and more rewarding.
  • The Blueprint Analyzer has been converted into an advanced building research unit. Players can now choose their own research paths and visualize their research progress more clearly. There are even more basic parts available on board the Space Anomaly.
  • Visit the technology specialists aboard Space Anomaly to purchase enhancements to Exosuit, Spaceship, Multi-Tool and Exocraft technology.
  • Unlock freighter and frigate technologies from the freighter bridge.
  • Learn product recipes on special research trees in planetary plants.

Gameplay Balance

  • Explorers can enjoy longer stretches of uninterrupted mining with less frequent and less aggressive guards and a redesigned Mining Ray overheating mechanism that rewards sliding to the limit.
  • Ship control and balance in space combat have been improved.
  • Inventory restrictions have been relaxed, allowing explorers to transport virtually unlimited quantities of mined substances. The user interface of the inventory has been revised and improved.
  • A large number of quality of life issues have been resolved and new recipes and technologies have been added to facilitate grinding.
  • Examples: large specialized warp cells; can move installed technology; to be able to install technology in stages, similar to repairs; Adding additional ramps to the space station; Adding upgrades to mining beams that increase the resources gained; Adding spacecraft technologies that automatically charge the starting engines; and restoration of carbon planters.

Discovery Page

  • The Discovery Page has been redesigned and expanded to provide a more intuitive user interface and more detailed discoveries of alien flora, fauna and minerals.

Planetary Maps

  • Specifically buildings are now located via a system of planet maps purchased from a space station cartographer.
  • Buy maps for nanites or swap your own navigation data for new maps. Gather data by viewing the discovered buildings on a map.

Galaxy Map

  • Information on the galaxy map is displayed more clearly with clearer text, symbols, and navigation.
  • Mouse-based navigation The surface of the map has been improved.

Virtual Reality UI

  • The HUD and UI have been completely redesigned for virtual reality to ensure that every interaction available in the game feels natural and purposeful.
  • Glide straight into your Exosuit and edit and manage your inventory right from your wrist.
  • 2D menus, such as stores, are rendered on an integrated, "diegetic" interface, navigable with intuitive point-and-click style interactions.

] New Traveler NPCs

  • Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada have added 12 new Traveler friends aboard their home. Everyone has their own role to play – from Iteration Helios, the ancient dreamer, to Iteration Ares, the avid collector of exotic goods.
  • Return daily to these travelers for a range of interactions, missions, and ways to collect nanites.

New Alien Encounters

Over 60 new dialogues of alien NPCs encountered in planetary systems, with mini-stories and missions.

All existing alien NPC dialogues have been revised and improved.

Animations were improved, with aliens showing more appropriate moods from the beginning of the conversation.

Dialogues have been improved to allow a clearer distinction between descriptive text and dialogue.

Dynamic NPCs

  • Alien NPCs Will Do It Go around now and interact with elements in their environment, such as: Chairs, boards and other NPCs. There are now a larger number of NPCs on space stations.
  • NPCs also respond to explorer gestures.
  • Some extraterrestrial NPCs can be found on the planet's surface with new unique dialogues.

Alien Languages ​​

  • Learning foreign languages ​​has been improved so explorers can choose which category of words they want to learn.
  • The Exosuit has a new auto-translator technology that translates a small number of unknown words.
  • More More than 700 new foreign words have been added to the dictionary, and very similar word variants such as plural forms are now learned in groups.

Creature Riding

  • Tame creatures with baits, mount them and ride them to explore planets from a new perspective.

Creature Harvest

  • Domesticated creatures can also be peacefully harvested for a variety of cooking ingredients such as milk, eggs or edible groups.

Cooking and Recipes

  • Encounter 10 new varieties of ha rvestable flora on every planet surface.
  • Harvest raw cooking ingredients from plants and creatures and experiment with the nutrient processor to discover over 300 delicious recipes.
  • Create bait to tame creatures.
  • Consume Your Creations for a Improve Your Exosuit or Present Iteration Cronus aboard Anomaly for culinary criticism and possible rewards.

Basic Energy System

  • Planet bases can now be powered by biogenerators or self-sufficient solar panels.
  • Wire power-supplied parts to the grid and experiment with 5 different logic switches to control the flow of current.
  • Create brilliant light and sound displays or complex contractions with short-range spherical generators and teleporters.

Optimization [19659090] The game has been heavily optimized throughout to improve performance in all areas of the Universe. In particular, players on lower-end PCs are benefiting from significant frame rate improvements and the game now supports integrated Intel graphics cards.
  • Planetary and freighter bases now have multiple levels of detail (LODs) to increase the rendering speed in large, complex environments.
  • Shaders are now loaded as needed rather than in advance, which shortens the initial loading time of the game.

  • Improved Base Construction

    • The experience of building bases has been enhanced by a special new camera perspective. Jetpacking during construction and visual indications of possible latching points.
    • Explorers can expand their creativity with a wide range of new base parts and take advantage of flexible new ways to scale and rotate base parts. [19659096] The user-friendliness of the build menu has been improved with better categorization, more intuitive grouping of parts, and better visibility of the menu hierarchy.

    Industrial Base Building

    • Survey planetary surfa Hidden deposits in deep layers, concentrated gas clouds or electromagnetic foci.
    • Construct special industrial base parts at the investigated locations to exploit these hidden resources.
    • Minimize network downtime and optimize autonomous resource extraction by adding power to depots and batteries. Industrial base parts are harvested in real time, even if the game is not running.

    Improvements to Spaceship Cockpits

    • All spaceship cockpits have been completely redesigned and restructured. The ship's wings and nose are now visible Out of the ship.
    • Turn around in the VR to get a full 360 ° view of the spaceship cockpit.
    • The scale of the ships has been enlarged and restructured in more detail.

    Virtual Reality User Interactions [19659106] With full head and hand tracking, interactions in Virtual Reality No Man's Sky make it more intuitive, tactile, and immersive than ever.
  • Physically remove your Multi-Tool from your shoulder. Aim and shoot intuitively at goals or place them in the fight with your fists.
  • Tap a button on your headset to toggle the analysis visor, and then point to fauna, flora, and minerals to scan and discover. [19659109] Pick up the cockpit of your spaceship and then grab the controls to record the flight.

  • First-Person Exocraft Driving

    • Exocrafts can now be driven from the first-person perspective with new, unique tactile cockpits for all 5 vehicles.

    Support for Virtual Reality Controllers

    • Virtual Reality supports a variety of motion controllers so players can enjoy the game with their existing VR setup.
    • On the PC, players can run a series of motion controls with Oculus Touch, Valve Index or Vive Wand.
    • On PS4, the game can be played in PSVR with a DUALSHOCK4 or with PlayStation Move controllers for full hand-tracking.


    • On PC, OpenGL was replaced by the Vulkan API, improving performance across the board, especially for users of AMD cards or with older CPUs.

    PC Graphics Options

    • PC gamers can now optimize the game's graphics options for their unique set-up while controlling the accuracy of the graphics fidelity and performance. [19659120] Many video and graphics options, such as resolution, V-sync, and windowed mode, can now be changed without restarting the game.
    • Players with multiple GPUs can now choose which option to use in the Video Options menu.

    Advanced Controller Support

    • The entire set of game actions can be assigned on the PC, and all controller input can now be remapped via Steam and OpenVR.
    • Any generic controller, including those designed for physical accessibility, can be natively linked to the game controls without the need for third-party remapping software.
    • Official binding sets are provided for DualShock 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Steam controllers.
    • Note: Any existing custom bindings must be updated to Beyond after the upgrade.


    • It is now possible to sit on chairs.

    Virtual Reality

    • No Man's Sky is now fully playable in virtual reality.
    • Many interactions are possible You have been offered special VR options, including: grabbing plants and other collectibles with your hands; physically opening the cockpits of ships and exocrafts; direct spaceships directly with a VR joystick / throttle; and punching objects to cause damage.
    • Introduced Special VR Menus: Including control of multi-tool options through a menu embedded in the In-World Multi Tool; Browse the quick menu and inventory with a personal display on the wrist.

    Graphics and Performance

    • OpenGL has been replaced by Vulcan. Many players, especially players with AMD graphics cards, expect performance improvement.
    • Significant optimizations in the generation of asteroids.
    • Significant optimizations in the creation of planets.
    • Improved loading times.
    • Significant optimizations in 2D rendering.
    • Memory requirements reduced throughout the game.
    • Significant optimizations for cloud and terrain shaders.
    • Significant optimizations for the animation LOD system.
    • Added detail accuracy optimizations for the majority of the information. Games assets.
    • Significant optimizations for large bases.
    • Revised HDR support, updated output curve according to the progress of HDR calibration.
    • Adaptive and triple-buffered V-sync can now be selected in the graphics options. [19659146] Players with more than one GPU can now choose which of the video options to use.
    • Many graphics settings no longer require a reboot to apply.
    • The & # 39; LOADING SHADERS & # 39; l The charging step has been removed to improve the charging experience.

    Controls and options

    • Added support for completely rebuilding PC controls through Steam and OpenVR.
    • All settings and options pages have been redesigned, making the graphics settings for the PC clearer player.
    • Added options to disable vignette and scanline effects.
    • The option to remove keylocks and immediately cause all non-destructive clicks has been added.

    The space anomaly has been added.

    • Ability to Summon Space Anomaly
    • The interior of the Space Anomaly has been greatly expanded and redesigned.
    • The Space Anomaly now serves as a hub, bringing together all the passengers aboard, regardless of their physical location in the Universe.
    • Removed bullets from the game and replaced them with fully simulated other players who met while exploring the area.
    • The limit for network players was raised to 8 to 32 depending on the platform and current location.
    • A new teleporter has been added to the Space Anomaly. With this teleporter, players can visit the base of another player who is currently at Anomaly with them and also highlight selected bases from the community.
    • The multiplayer missions selection has been moved to the Nexus, a new hub area in the Space Anomaly. [19659162] Added a UI that allows other players to be found quickly to participate in multiplayer missions.
    • Many new types of multiplayer missions have been added.
    • Automatic chat messages are sent when game actions are in progress, such as Performing gestures and fighting biological horrors.
    • Multiplayer missions now take players directly to the mission site as they leave the space anomaly.
    • Added the ability to display a custom player banner that can be customized in the appearance modifier.
    • Player graves in multiplayer games are reset to the current player's system when returning to single player mode.
    • In Multiplayer mode, a new save icon is used for "High." The current position of the player is stored, but not.
    • The story missions have been redesigned to better integrate the journey of Nada and Polo into the history of Artemis.
    • New story content has been added for Nada and Polo.
    • Revised The tutorial and much of the early Missions River.
    • New and unique visualizations for new NPCs aboard the Space Anomaly.
    • The Space Anomaly has added an NPC that exchanges a different product for nanites every day. [19659174] Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly to trade Milestone progress against Nanite.
    • The Space Anomaly has been added to an NPC that exchanges various categories of discovery data against Nanite every day.


    • Added a tree-style display for all technologies, products and other recipes available in the game.
    • The Space Anomaly has been added to technology and base station research stations that allow players to search the entire technology tree, plan their upgrades, and change PU values. Rchase new technologies with nanites.
    • The visual representation of HUD and compass marks has been optimized to improve clarity and consistency.
    • Some HUD symbols are now scaled down to reduce visual noise.
    • The behavior of compass markings in the ship has been adjusted Better image of reality when navigating in 3D space.
    • Improved user interface for comparing and buying ships, multi-tools and cargo ships.
    • A warning has been added if you are trying to swap spaceships while there is still cargo on your old ship. [19659184] Improved the inventory page, including a clearer view of the inventory subcategories.
    • Modified text that scrolls to a full break instead of a jump.
    • Reduced the amount of bloom in cases that caused photosensitivity problems.
    • Refinement of output Measured values ​​are now updated correctly when more resources are added to an input slot.
    • Improved visual style and clarity of buy / sell filters on commercial screens.
    • Improved symbols for displaying class o f ships, multi-tools and other purchasable items.
    • The Summon Vehicles icon in the Quick Menu has been updated.
    • The icons for summoning other ships in your collection now accurately reflect the look of those ships.
    • Significant enhancements to the chat box, including the ability to choose whether to send messages to your group or to the entire system.
    • Substances, products and technologies have been moved separately from the guide into their own "catalog".
    • Guide adds entries for several new features.
    • Increased the size of the icons in the catalog.
    • The appearance of the dialog / NPC language interface has been improved.
    • Mission notifications / targets are no longer hidden in the build menu, inventory, or system Refiner screens.
    • A new kind of mission notification has been added, giving more context to more complex missionary steps.
    • The Galaxy Map has been completely redesigned for clarity and visual style.

    NPCs and Interactions

    • NPCs can now roam around and interact with environmental elements.
    • Players can move faster while running.
    • Players can now sit on chairs.
    • Improved handling of the camera when sitting in confined spaces.
    • NPCs react to player-executed gestures.
    • NPCs now occasionally search holographic creatures, ships, and more on their handheld devices.
    • All new NPC interactions at planetary salvage locations have been added.
    • Added all new NPC interactions on crashed ships.
    • All factory and monolith interactions have been significantly redesigned.
    • The factory interaction rewards sequence has been changed to allow players to choose which product recipe they want to learn.
    • A large number of existing NPC interactions have been revised.
    • A series of biome-specific interactions for NPCs in planetary buildings has been added.
    • NPC pilots are now leaving their ships when landing on space stations and outposts. [1965] 9214] NPCs can now choose a chair to sit on, sit for a while and then continue their day.
    • Geks occasionally swing her legs while sitting.
    • The range of moods and animations of NPCs has been expanded.
    • Improved text interaction with additional audio, color, and NPC animations.
    • Added different text expressions for each alien race, giving them their own style of speech.
    • The guest NPCs were given the opportunity to visit space stations, eg. B. the occasional Korvax, are in the space station of a Vykeke system.
    • The outpost is treated as a building (to guard against danger), but plays the right audio ambience outdoors. [19659221] AutoTranslator technologies have been added to the Exosuit to translate random words without being permanently unlocked.
    • Fixed an issue where}} foreign language brackets would appear on a new line.
    • Foreign words become pre-packaged learning words that are very similar to already known ones (eg intruder / invaders).
    • The learning of foreign words has been revised. Players can control language acquisition when interacting with NPCs.
    • Players can practice using the words they know when talking to extraterrestrial life forms and observe the results.


    • The Basic Building menu has been redesigned: Improved visual clarity; improved usability; and enabled faster access to parts, including the possibility of parts belonging to more than one group.
    • Day / night cycles are now deterministic and are synchronized between players.
    • The base catch system has been significantly improved. This allows a faster and more comfortable creation.
    • Added a new building camera in photo mode to simplify the placement of complex structures.
    • Added the ability to scale some base parts.
    • Added the ability to rotate some base parts by more than one axis.
    • Added new basic parts for power generation: biofuel reactors, solar panels, electromagnetic generators and batteries. Each provides another way to generate power for your base.
    • Additional wiring that allows you to attach basic parts that require power for your generators.
    • The manual refueling of many base technologies has been removed and replaced with power grid requirements.
    • Additional performance requirements for existing parts such as B. lamps.
    • A series of logic gates and switches for the creative control of driven parts have been added.
    • New basic parts for mineral and gas extraction on a large scale were added. [19659239] Mineral / Gas pipelines have been added so players can connect their new extractors to remote depots to simplify collection.
    • A new Survey Device upgrade has been added to the Analysis Visor, allowing players to find the optimal locations for mineral / gas extractor placement and electromagnetic generators.
    • The gravity simulation has been revised and the experience on dead planets improved.
    • Short range teleporters have been added. These pads can be placed around your base and cabled to create a network for near-instantaneous transport.
    • Verbesserte die Verwaltung der Basisoptionen bei der Interaktion mit dem Basiscomputer, einschließlich der Möglichkeit, Screenshots der Basis zu erstellen. [19659244] Möglichkeit zum Jetpacken bei geöffnetem Build-Menü hinzugefügt.
    • Verbesserte die visuellen Effekte des Terrain-Manipulators.
    • Die Funktionalität des Nachrichtenmoduls und der Kommunikationsstation wurde vereinheitlicht.
    • Es wurden mehrere neue Dachteile hinzugefügt, mit denen Spieler komplette Schrägdächer bauen können.
    • Es wurden neue Türen in Exocraft-Größe hinzugefügt, die sich bei Annäherung automatisch öffnen und schließen lassen.
    • Es wurden neue interaktive Requisiten hinzugefügt, einschließlich anpassbarer Leuchtkästen und Audio Frequenzgeneratoren.
    • Ein Sphere Generator wurde hinzugefügt, mit dem Spieler große bewegliche Kugeln erzeugen können.
    • Die visuellen Effekte beim Erstellen von Basisteilen und Technologie wurden verbessert. [1 9659252] Fehlerbehebungen

    • Die Toleranz von Handelsschiffen, die an einem Frachterkampf teilnahmen, wurde erhöht, sodass sie kein Verbrechen melden, es sei denn, der Schuss ist tödlich.
    • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das Sentinel-Drohnen beim Scannen von a stecken blieben Spieler, der ihr Schiff betrat und verließ.
    • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, bei dem das Third-Person-Player-Modell niemals direkt in die Kamera blickte.
    • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, bei dem Schiffsregen-Audio abgespielt wurde, wenn es nicht regnete. [19659257] Den seltsamen Biome-Kreaturen wurden Kreaturensounds hinzugefügt.
    • Es wurde ein Multi-Tool-Animationsfehler beim Abfeuern des Minenstrahls aus der ersten Person behoben.
    • Die asiatischen numerischen Trennzeichen wurden in das richtige Format geändert.
    • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, bei dem Das Raumschiff kann schwebend über dem Gelände erscheinen, wenn der Spieler in großer Entfernung vom Schiff erscheint.
    • Mehrere Exploits bei der Vervielfältigung von Gegenständen wurden behoben.
    • Korrektur für das Raumschiff-HUD mit der Anzeige 'Mond des unbekannten Planeten' bei t Der Planet ist bekannt.
    • Der Mining Beam hat jetzt die richtige Farbe, wenn er mit einem prozeduralen Aufrüstungsmodul aufgerüstet wurde.
    • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, bei dem manchmal falsche Aufprallpartikel beim Aufnehmen von Sentinel-Vierfüßern verwendet wurden.
    • Verschiedene Textkorrekturen.

    Entdeckung und Erforschung

    • Das Analysevisier wurde überarbeitet. Das Scannen von Flora, Fauna und Mineralien beginnt nicht mehr automatisch, sondern erst, wenn der Spieler beim Betrachten des betreffenden Objekts eine Taste gedrückt hält.
    • In der VR wechselt das Analyse-Visier in den Analysemodus. Objekte werden gescannt, indem sie mit dem Multi-Tool anvisiert werden.
    • Benutzerdefinierte Markierungen, die im Analyse-Visier platziert wurden, legen jetzt ein physisches Objekt an der Markierungsposition ab.
    • Die Discovery-Seite wurde grundlegend überarbeitet, um eine grafische Darstellung des Systems anzuzeigen. 3D-Darstellungen aller Entdeckungen und Langtexteinträge für die Fauna aus der Nähe.
    • Das Scannen von Schmetterlingen und anderen fliegenden Kreaturen mit dem Analyse-Visier wurde erheblich vereinfacht.
    • Neue Reihe seltener lebendiger Farbpaletten für üppige Planeten hinzugefügt
    • Kreaturenmarkierungen im Analyse-Visier zeigen jetzt an, wie weit die Kreatur entfernt ist.
    • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das Kreaturen niemals kackten, wenn sie von einem Raubtier erschreckt wurden.
    • Raubtierkreaturen zielen nicht mehr und greifen Spieler an Wenn sie sich in einer Interaktion befinden.
    • Kreaturen greifen Spieler auf ihren Schiffen nicht mehr an.
    • Verbesserte Klarheit und Anzeige von Warnsymbolen bei räuberischen oder wütenden Kreaturen.
    • Korrektur für b iologische Horroreffekte spielen ihre Todesfolgen nicht für Netzwerk-Spieler aus.
    • Fehlerbehebung bei der Anzeige eines falschen Fauna-Levels im Analyse-Visier.
    • Es wurden Kreaturenmarker hinzugefügt, um ihren aktuellen mentalen Zustand anzuzeigen.
    • Allen Biomes wurden neue Wildpflanzen hinzugefügt.
    • Es wurde die Möglichkeit hinzugefügt, pflanzliche und tierische Produkte in einem Nährstoffverarbeiter zu kochen, um eine Vielzahl von Lebensmitteln herzustellen. Experimentieren Sie mit Kombinationen, um einzigartige und komplexe Lebensmittel herzustellen.
    • Das Essen von Lebensmitteln verbessert Ihre Lebenserhaltung.
    • Köderprodukte, die im Nutrient Processor erstellt wurden, ermöglichen die Ernte von Lebewesen für Lebensmittelprodukte. Scannen Sie Kreaturen, um ihre Köderpräferenzen zu erfahren.
    • Das Töten von Kreaturen ermöglicht auch das Ernten mehrerer neuer Nahrungsmittel.
    • Der Weltraumanomalie wurde ein NSC hinzugefügt, der die Kochfähigkeit des Spielers beurteilt.
    • Coprite in Faecium umbenannt. [19659288] Hinzufügen von Kompass- und HUD-Symbolen zu Faecium-Ablagerungen.
    • Verbesserte Darstellung von Faceium-Ablagerungen.
    • Hinzufügen eines Basisteils, der Kreaturen zu Ihrer Basis zieht und diese automatisch füttert.
    • Hinzufügen eines Basisteils, der automatisch funktioniert Extrahieren Sie Milch und andere relevante Ressourcen von Kreaturen in der Nähe, die zur Ernte bereit sind.
    • Das Werfen von Ködern kann eine große Anzahl von Kreaturen an einen Ort locken ]Creatures that have been tamed by supplying their desired bait can be ridden. Creatures will still attempt to go about their own business, but their routines can be shaped by their rider.
    • Upper body gestures may be used when seated or riding a creature.
    • The Nutrient Processor and the Portable Refiner now display a marker when they are not placed within a base.

    Visual Polish

    • Nada and Polo now use a larger range of animations.
    • Improved the visuals for the Space Station entrance beam.
    • Entirely reworked and expanded the cockpits of all ships.
    • Increased the amount by which you can look around the starship cockpit.
    • Added fully modelled cockpits / interiors for all the Exocraft and the Nautilon Submarine.
    • Starship exteriors can now be seen while inside the starship.
    • Improved the particle effects for the Scatter Blaster and the Blaze Javelin.
    • Increased the scale of starships. Landeplätze und Andockbereiche in der gesamten Galaxis wurden erweitert, um den neuen größeren Schiffen gerecht zu werden. As a result, landing pads in existing bases have been refunded.
    • Improved the visual detail on fighters, haulers and shuttles.
    • Added ramps to the front of the Space Station balcony platforms.
    • Fixed a number of issues where trees and rocks could not be run over by Exocraft.
    • Trade Outposts now have ladders to climb up to the platform.

    Quality of Life

    • The Exosuit torch can now be turned on whatever the time of day.
    • While the Pulse Engine is engaged, the central ship screen now displays a clearer message about fuel use.
    • Technology can now be installed in stages, allowing incomplete tech to be placed in an inventory and its individual components added over time.
    • Technology can now be moved after installation.
    • Significantly overhauled the system for pinning instructions for building technologies, products and base parts.
    • Added the ability to pin a substance and receive directions for where to fi nd it.
    • Removed the Advanced Mining Laser requirement from large trees on lush planets.
    • Added an Antimatter Reactor base part that generates antimatter over time.
    • Added specific efficient Starshield Batteries for use in starship combat.
    • Added ‘Warp Hypercores’, a large hyperdrive fuel unit with five times the capacity of a regular Warp Cell.
    • Increased the base mining speed of the Mining Beam.
    • Fixed a bug that caused resource notifications to stack up while playing without the HUD.
    • Reduced the length of time resource notifications are displayed when you have multiple resources stacked up.
    • Added alerts when new items are encountered or recorded to the Catalogue.
    • Added the Optical Drill, a Mining Beam upgrade that increases the resources gained from mining.
    • Added the Launch System Recharger, a starship upgrade that automatically recharges the Launch Thrusters over time.
    • Added an extra sl o t to the starting Multi-Tool.
    • When installing an upgrade module, the correct inventory is automatically selected.
    • Adjusted the probabilities of low, medium and high security planets in Normal Mode.
    • Adjusted the timers of Sentinel patrols on lower security planets.
    • In normal mode, allowed some planets to never spawn Sentinel drones.
    • Added a chance to collect geodes when mining rocks or asteroids. Geodes can be analysed to extract large quantities of substances.
    • Increased the base speed of all Refiner units.
    • In normal mode, increased the slot storage limit for substances from 250 to 10,000.
    • Increased the wealth levels at which higher tiers of pirates will attack.
    • Increased the base energy levels of the Mining Beam and the Terrain Manipulator, allowing for less frequent recharging.
    • Replaced the ‘Find specific building’ component of the Signal Booster with a system of planetary charts. Acquire planetary charts from Space Station Cartographers.
    • Navigation Data can be traded for planetary charts. Collect Navigation Data when saving and charting at waypoints and save beacons.
    • Using the Terrain Manipulator to mine basic ground will award silicate powder, which can be used to refine glass.
    • Added a note on the interaction label of NPCs that have already been visited.
    • When craftable products are the current mission objective, they are automatically pushed to the top of the product list.
    • Adjusted the frequency of rare asteroids.
    • When buying a freighter, it now comes with some basic cargo already in the inventory.
    • Increased the minimum speed while in space combat, creating better combat handling in most conditions.
    • Increased the maximum speed while flying in space.
    • Added a degree of roll when banking in planetary flight.
    • The warning triangle in the cockpit is no longer displayed when the Pulse Engine is not being requested.
    • Added a cockpit throttle indicator to show current thrust settings.[19659349]The ‘Shields Down’ message is no longer displayed when claiming an abandoned ship.
    • The ‘How to land the ship’ notification no longer displays immediately after planetary takeoff.
    • When charging the Pulse Engine, the current autopilot target marker is now highlighted.
    • Missions now add hints to highlight the relevant items in the build and crafting menus.
    • Inventory popups are now closed automatically if you click outside of them.
    • Tweaked the weighting of mission selection in the mission board to give a better range of available missions.
    • Increased the likelihood of procedural upgrade modules being relevant to the player’s current tech setup.
    • Added several new environmental protection Exosuit upgrades.
    • Ammunition is automatically promoted to the top of the crafting list if players try to reload but have no available ammo.
    • Increased the default stack size for Ammunition.
    • The Mining Beam n ow has a much higher base heat capacity.
    • Reworked the Mining Beam overheat mechanic: the beam now cools down correctly rather than instantly resetting; Der Minenstrahl fügt mehr Schaden zu, wenn er sich der maximalen Hitze nähert. the Mining Beam changes color as it approaches max heat.
    • Innes has walked over 1400 miles. His journey continues.

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