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No, Mars will not be big enough this week to appear in the sky as two moons

If you look at two moons in the sky this week, you'll be staring for a long time.

Throughout the year there are many wonders that can be seen in the sky high above the earth like the Universe offers some very beautiful sights. It could be a solar eclipse or a meteor shower, or one of many constellations that can only be seen at certain times and if everything goes right. There will be no time this week, when Mars can be seen as huge as if there were two moons in the sky.

It's not exactly something new as this internet joke actually comes every August and has been around for a number of years.

An image has begun to be passed around on social media pages showing that Mars appears in the sky and as big as the moon. According to the caption, this picture will be visible to everyone on Monday, August 27, 201

8 and will provide an impressive night of the sky.

So many people have shared this image on Facebook or Twitter, and they were hoping to see the amazing sight this week. Earth Sky hated being the one who sent bad news to everyone, but that's not going to happen, because it's just another internet fraud.

As you can see, this would be an incredibly amazing thing to see in the night sky. But it will just do not happen. The picture is nothing more than a Photoshop job, which since 2003 has been circulated almost every August.

Yes, it's a hoax that has gotten around and has been reviving again and again over the past 15 years.

Despite the fact that this has been a hoax for a decade and a half, people continue to pass it on. It's just another case of people just not looking any further and learning the facts before sharing them with others on social media.

Apart from the fact that it's really cool to see the picture above, Mars is so close to Earth would be really scary. Mars, which is so close to us all, would almost confirm that all humankind was of very drastic proportions.

Mars It has a 15-year cycle, it's peak, and it's getting close to Earth, but not nearly as close. The double moon is something that would be overwhelming, amazing, frightening and out of this world, but it just will not happen. If you go out into the night sky on August 27, 2018 and hope to see a pair of moons, then you're one of those who fell in love with the Internet joke again.

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