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No place for Russia in the remake of the legendary Moon Race title of 1968 – RT World News

When the lunar missions once again mesmerized humanity, time covered their new problem with those who stormed the Earth's satellite. But it seems politics has defeated the magazine as only the US and China made it to the front page.

The magazine, known for its effective covers, opted for the July 29 issue to revise 1968's legendary cover "Race to the Moon" . The original appeared half a year after NASA announced the success of the Apollo 11 mission and introduced an American astronaut and a Soviet cosmonaut who ran at full speed towards the moon.

The new cover had the same composition, only the moon The conquerors became slightly rounder and their number doubled. According to the times, the Chinese and Americans who race around the moon in 201

9 are the Chinese and Americans represented by NASA and two private companies, SpaceX and Blue Origin.

The editorial of " The Next Space Race" by Jeffrey Kluger insisted that China's Lunar program was now "most critical" in competition with the US Space Agency and billionaires.

who has been actively working on their own lunar project for years. The program will use the next-generation spacecraft Federatsiya (Federation) currently under development. It includes a lunar orbit station and several unmanned missions to the satellite over the next decade, focusing on the first Russian cosmonauts to take root on its surface in 2030.

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Roscosmos expects to build a complete Russian base on the Moon between 2036 and 2040 These included modules with life support systems and radiation protection for the people living there, means of monitoring earth and space, and units for processing lunar matter and performing other experiments.

Roscosmos boss Dmitry Rogozin quickly responded to the front page of the magazine by reposting his own cartoon and sleepwalking a man on a treadmill on a full moon home. "A group of lunar enthusiasts, according to the time", Rogozin wrote and apparently mocked not only the sales outlet, but also some of Russia's rivals in space.

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USA, lunar landing mission for & # 39; dodgy operations & # 39; USE – Chief of the Russian Space Agency

US Vice President Mike Pence said in March that American astronauts should return to the Moon by 2024 "by all means". China The National Space Administration (CNSA) announced plans to send its astronauts to the Earth Satellite to build a base there over the next 10 years. The statements sound more ambitious than the statements from Moscow, but still need to be supported by actual missions.

In particular, in the near future India will join the Moon Landing Club as an unmanned mission to which an orbiter belongs. Lander and Rover are on their way to the South Pole of the Moon after the successful launch of the Chandrayaan 2 rocket on Monday.

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