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No, UConn is not guaranteed to win the women's NCAA tournament

COLUMBUS, Ohio – If you just look at the UConn Huskies statistics and results since the day you lost to the Mississippi State in the 2017 final (yes, you should check it again, it was unbelievable) … [19659002] … it would be easy to believe that UConn Geno Auriemma will win a 12th title. It's their 11th trip to the Final Four, they've been on a mission and yes, they are a very good team. Let's say this first: it is very likely that they will win the whole thing. They are a very, very good basketball team.

Here are three reasons why it is not guaranteed

1. Everyone else here is also a very good basketball team. Notre Dame, Mississippi State and Louisville are all one-seeds. "I think the field is perhaps the strongest I've seen in a long, maybe even ever, and the fans are welcome, I do not know if the coaches are there, but the fans will certainly enjoy it," Auriemma said Week.

. 2 The state of Mississippi has progressed further in every NCAA tournament under Vic Schaefer.

In the first year Schaefer took the Bulldogs to Big Dance. In 201

5 they went into the second round. In 2016, it was the Sweet 16. In 2017, the title game. In order to? The only thing left in their progress? A title.

. 3 Notre Dame has won everything this season. What are two more games?

From four ACL tears to numerous players playing for injury, Muffet McGraw has had a damn good year when she brought her team to a final four. (Read more about the sheet Litman from Indy Star.) They lost only against UConn in December against 9 – and had the number of huskies in a long rivalry that was stronger than they were in the same conference, but never left ,

"They've been here for a long time, we're not leaving," Auriemma said. "In a way, I'm thrilled that it's on a completely different level, but she knows it and I know we're always there and always there, the nice thing is after every game in December, I just tell her all the time, see you in March, because I know when I see you in March, it will be in the Final Four, which is cool. "

The Final Four will start tonight at 19:00 ET on ESPN2.

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