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This week, the headlines and owners of the NFL voted in a rule change with almost no opposition …

from NFL.com:

The NFL owners voted on Tuesday to approve a rule proposal that allows for offensive and defensive pass interference, including non-calls, to be subject to review.

Coaches may challenge those calls in the first 28 minutes of each half.

Owners passed the commission, 31

-1, at the Annual League Meeting in.

In the final two minutes of each half, these calls will be subjected to a booth review Phoenix on Tuesday night.

If you recall, in the final game of the NFC postseason, a Rams player hit a Saints player early on a major play and the ref did not call it. Millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of people watching millions of millions of millions of millions of people watching millions of millions of millions of millions of people watching millions of millions of millions of millions of people watching millions of millions of millions of millions on the internet. It has not been that much in the Super Bowl.

The wrong team went to the big game and they looked like the wrong team pretty

The owners were nearly unanimous in their vote to try the new system, where calls and non-calls for pass interference can be reviewed at the command of the coach (either side of the ball too). They are New Orleans Saints fans. They made this because they recognized, after a few impassioned speeches by their peers, that this terrible situation could happen to any team. To any coach. To any owner. To any fan base. To any city.

There's a lot of self-interest here. It's a non-partisan issue for the teams and the owners and the coaches.

The City of New Orleans gave the Super Bowl that its belonged to the middle finger. Deservedly so.

There is no reason to believe that there is more to it than the state of technology.

So what else should be non-partisan? Surely, if the coaches of 31 NFL franchises from across America could find the common ground to improve their shared existence, so too can the rest of us, on some level, right?

Perhaps not. The other day, I learned that financial protection for mom and pop investors is a partisan issue. There's actually one party in favor of a wolf in sheep's clothing approach and one in favor of defending the financially unsophisticated from those wolves.

My colleague Dina Isola tested the financial services committee in Congress and was questioned by Representatives from both sides of the aisle. The Republicans seem to be on the side of the investment industry, which seeks to maximize the value of money practitioners. No surprise there.

The irony of the republican party has become the party of the blue collar, working class, soon-to-be-retired family from the heartland. These are the people, statistically and in my experience, who are most often abused, lied to, robbed and ripped off in broad daylight by the brokerage and insurance machine. These are the people who have their own retirement plans. They have to decide which vehicles to put into. They have to determine the right investment selections. They have to understand the tax ramifications of their decisions. They are to pay the true fees and they are paying.

And how is this going? It's a slaughterhouse.

The most horrendous lie on Wall Street can not get away with it. In the age of automated asset allocation, model ETF portfolios, robo-advice and target-date funds, we know this is complete and utter bullshit. I've proven it seventy million times on my blog and there are a few other things in the industry. "

But insurance companies and brokerage firms spend a lot of money on political outcomes. Which is what makes this a partisan issue. This is why Dina and Tony Isola go to visit. And it's why people would just like to sell their shares in non-traded real estate investment trusts. Or oil & gas LPs. Or funds of hedge funds. All other manners of doing so are so suboptimal that they would be better off if they were to spend all their money on vacations and clothes. [19659002] Apparently clean drinking water is now a partisan issue. Lots of people think we should spend the time there, money and energy goes to our fellow Americans , Even in Dark Ages Europe they took care to protect people from drinking water (usually by substituting it with beer in a lead cup, but I digress). We can not even get our hands on this. It's a fight instead.

There should not be any "other side" to every problem. Some problems should be just fixed.

You do not have to agree with the Green New Deal or think that it's a viable solution to the environmental problems of the world. I definitely am not a fan. But can it be resolved?

Watch every second of.

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