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North Carolina couple accused of running $ 150 million kickback program

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By Associated Press


1; A Russian couple who led a lavish life behind the gates of a sprawling North Carolina mansion hid an explosive Secret. The prosecutors said this week: They lived on a system that provided $ 150 million in kickbacks from subcontractors seeking to do business with the Russian military.

In addition, the prosecutor said the husband, Leonid Teyf, was planning to kill a man – the son of a former housekeeper whom he suspected of having an affair with his wife.

Now 57-year-old Teyf, his wife and three other people are being charged, ranging from money laundering to cheating on immigration. Teyf was also hired for murder.

The money laundering system dates back to 2010, when Teyf served as deputy director of a company called Voentorg, which provided the Russian military with laundry, food and other equipment for federal prosecution. Voentorg, in turn, was looking for goods from subcontractors, and Teyf demanded a cut in their paid state funds – kickbacks, which increased to $ 150 million over two years, the prosecutor said.

"Part of the money was paid to others involved in the system, and part of the money was put into accounts under Leonid Teyf's control," the federal agency wrote in a press release late Wednesday.

Teyf, who was also president of the commercial fishing fleet in Russia, brought money from "illegal kickback of Russian government funds" using foreign money laundering banks, according to the indictment. At least in 2010, according to the prosecution, Teyf and his 41-year-old wife, Tatyana, have transferred approximately $ 39 million to US bank accounts.

Teyf and others also founded US companies to launder the money, authorities say. including a freight forwarding company in Illinois.

Teyf and his wife owned luxury cars, expensive artwork, and a 17,000-square-foot house maintained by housekeepers along a golf course in Raleigh shows court documents. Wake County Property Records have a value of nearly $ 5 million. Acts suggest that the couple has owned it since 2012.

The house was raided by federal officials on December 5, attracting the attention of local media.

The prosecution is now seeking assets such as the mansion, four Mercedes-Benz sedans, and $ 2.6 million in artworks.

Teyf, his wife and Alexey Timofeev face multiple money laundering. According to the indictment, Timofeev helped guide the Illinois-based company used for money laundering and was involved in transferring money between accounts.

Two more people convicted of fraud for violating crimes Message seeking comment. The lawyers of the others were not registered in a federal court, and representatives of the Federal Defense Office did not answer immediately with the question of whether they represent them.

In the investigation of the money laundering charges, the investigators discovered something more sinister this year. The FBI learned that Leonid Teyf believed his wife was having an affair and asked a confidential source of law enforcement officials to help him plan for the death of the man, prosecutors said. Teyf believed that his wife, according to court documents, had an affair with the son of a former housekeeper.

Teyf wanted to bribe an employee of the Homeland Security Authority this year to deport the man to Russia, where he would probably be killed According to court documents, however, he became impatient.

"When the deportation plan lasted longer than he had expected, Leonid Teyf returned to his murder plan and paid $ 25,000 to the police to kill the police man before the end of 2018," the authorities said in the press release.

The authorities say Teyf has delivered a firearm with serial numbers that were scraped off for killing, which was never carried out.

Leonid Teyf is in prison for up to 20 years when convicted of murder for bribery, firearms and murder. The others have maximum sentences of 10 years.

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