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North Korea warns of tension in search of shot South Korea | North Korea

Pyongyang says the incident shouldn’t have happened. South Korea mobilizes dozens of naval vessels to find human remains.

North Korea said Sunday it is looking for the body of a South Korean official killed by its troops, but warned that South Korean naval operations in the area could create tension.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seldom apologized for the fatal shooting of the South Korean fisheries officer in North Korean waters on Friday.

Seoul then asked Pyongyang to further investigate the fatal shots, suggesting that it could be a joint probe between both sides.

The South Korean military has accused northern soldiers of killing the man, dousing his body with fuel and setting fire to it near the sea border.

North Korean state news agency KCNA said Sunday that the country̵

7;s authorities are considering ways to hand the body over to the south if it is found.

The report called it a “terrible case that shouldn’t have happened,” but warned that South Korean naval operations had spilled into North Korean waters near the site of the incident.

“We urge the south side to immediately stop the intrusion across the military demarcation line in the West Sea, which could escalate tensions,” said KCNA.

A spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Defense did not comment directly on the North’s allegations.

South Korea has mobilized 39 ships, including 16 naval vessels, and six aircraft for the search, which continued on Sunday despite North Korean complaints, South Korean news agency Yonhap said.

North Korea began its own search operation to retrieve the body, KCNA said.

“We have also taken more necessary security measures to ensure that there are no more incidents that undermine the relationship of trust and respect between the North and the South, which is our Supreme Leadership’s intention,” the report added. without going into detail.

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