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Northport dog owner heartbroken, says popular recalled pet food killed her pup

NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) – For Kelly Bone, the grief is almost too much to bear.

She does not let herself think about it often. Her heart is too broken, the tears begin to fall as she talks about a tender topic.

Losing her little guy, Duncan.

Kelly says her gentle pup dies a painful death when he was kidnapped.

She claims he was in the end.

This North Port pet parent is still shocked and sickened, she says, when she thinks about what allegedly took his life.

His food.

"Hey what the love of my life," Kelly said in an exclusive interview Friday night. "We spent every moment together."

Their bond was unmistakable.

He was, indeed, the love of her life, and it turns out, saved her life many times by alerting her to seizures. Her 1

3-year-old Bichon Frize was not just a dog.

For Kelly, Duncan was a family member, a protector, a guardian. Then, he was gone.

Her constant, faithful companion died in January, leaving Kelly beyond heartbroken and finally confused.

What happened?

Duncan was healthy. Hey what active. Hey was extremely playful and got plenty of exercise. He was inseparable.

So, what went wrong?

How did this happen, she wondered.

After copious research, analysis of his diet intake, countless discussions with dieticians, veterinarians, family, friends and other pet parents, Kelly narrowed down to one conclusion.

She did not like what she uncovered, she says.

Kelly maintains Duncan's dog food is what killed him.

It's not just dangerous

Duncan's food would soon be included in a sweeping, global recall issued by the company in late January, and its canned dog food was among the products affected.

The reason for the recall?

Elevated levels of vitamin D were found.

Pet owners in 26 countries claim they were watched their animals and they were not

Kelly told us, "Hill's has admittedly been a third party supplier." that put too much vitamin D in their food.

Hill's Pet Nutrition adopts their food was flawed.

The statement issued to WFLA, "our statement confirmed that,

Kelly says the company contacted her after Duncan's

They explained how Hill's offered her $ 10 in coupons.

"What's late January."

"Coupons," she exclaimed

Now that it's happened again.

The following products.

Another massive recall was announced by Hill's Pet Nutrition have

  • Hill's Prescription Diet Kid's Care with Lamb canned dog food, 13 oz., 12-pack, SKU 2697, Date Code / Lot Code 102020T25
  • Hill's Science Diet Adult's Perfect Weight Chicken & Vegetable Entree dog food 12×12.8 oz. cans, SKU 2975, Date Code / Lot Code 092020T28
  • Hill's Prescription Diet c / d Multicare Urinary Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew canned dog food, 5.5 oz., 24-pack, SKU 3388, Date Code / Lot Code 102020T18 [19659042Hill'sPrescriptionDietLowFatCanineRiceVegetable&ChickenStew24x55ozcansSKU3391DateCode/LotCode092020T27
  • Hill's Prescription Diet r / d Canine 12×12.3 oz. 092020T28, 102020T27, 102020T28
  • Hill's Science Diet Adult Beef & Barley Entree canned dog food, 13 oz., 12-pack, SKU 7039, Date Codes / Lot Codes 092020T31, 102020T21 [19659042] Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken, Carrots & Spinach Stew dog food, 12×12.5 oz. cans, SKU 10449, Date Code / Lot Code 092020T28
  • Hill's Science Diet Healthy Cuisine Adult Braised Beef, Carrots & Peas Stew canned dog food, 12.5 oz., 12-pack, SKU 10451, Date Code / Lot Code 102020T28 [19659049

    Elevated levels of vitamin D in dogs can lead to vomiting, loss of appetite, increased urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss. In some cases, it can lead to life-threatening health issues in dogs, including renal dysfunction.

    Two massive pet food recalls in less than two months.

    When the recall was announced this week, Kelly could not believe it.

    Duncan's owner felt the heartache is over again. She was horrified, angry and filled with grief.

    Then, a moment of calm.

    That sweet, fluffy face.

    Those cuddles.

    Those images of seeing little guy grinning in goggles, or "doggles," as they're called.

    Kelly's heart swelled with warmth and purpose.

    Her favorite fella needed her

    She says reminded herself – Do not give up, keep fighting for Duncan.

    So, she did.

    And, she has not stopped.

    On Friday evening as she shared Duncan's story, she was filled with emotion, wiping away tears. She sighed and shook her head.

    "We have to speak her voice." People have come to their pet to do research on their pet food and the pet's advocate because they can not do it themselves, "she told us. "That's the take-away."

    Kelly is hoping out message goes global.

    Turns out, it has.


    People are listening.

    And talking.

    And email this North Port pet parent non-stop

    Kelly has received thousands of messages from around the world.

    A message to her sweet boy, "Duncan, I Mommy loves you. "

    The world was listening.

    After Kelly shared Duncan's struggles online, she was shocked by what happened next.

    Her post went viral. [19659002] Duncan's story has been shared more than a million times.

    The response has been both overwhelming and comforting. Kelly with heartfelt condolences.

    There have been those who are seeking comfort, those who know firsthand what kind of grief Kelly is going through daily.

    Pet owners reached out to say they, too, lost Vitamin D levels.

    When WFLA asked Hills' about Kelly's case, the company spoke out about Duncan:

    First and foremost, we're heartbroken about this situation, which involves canned dog foods, and we're taking it very seriously.

    What's the difference? "

    What's the difference? That vitamin mix is ​​not an ingredient in any of our dry foods. No dry foods, treats or other wet foods are affected by this recall.

    Hill's. In addition, we are thus strengthening our own testing protocol for incoming ingredients as an additional safeguard.

    Hill's Nutrition also provided a link so customers could

    get it for Kelly, she remains heartbroken, but steadfast in her efforts.

    Her mission?

    Get "justice for Duncan, she told us.

    She even has a hashtag for him.


    "I do not stop fighting." Thousands of them have called me the Erin Brockovich of pet food, "she smiled. "I guess so."

    "I just do not give advice, I just encourage pet food education. We have to good advocates for our pets, "she explained.

    Kelly has since filed a lawsuit and is represented by a corporate firm out of Chicago.

    For more information regarding The two recalls, Hill's Pet Nutrition can be contacted via this toll-free number 1-800-445-5777 or email [email protected]

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