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– As a business card for Norway

– The wave of the new NOK 1000 banknote is a symbol of something that needs to be taken care of, but at the same time it keeps us going, says Leif Veggum of Norges Bank.

The new banknote series is the first of its kind without portraits. The sea is the common denominator, and the 1

000 note is at the center of the wave.

– The wave carries us on

– The wave symbolizes the sea, which brings us forward. The wave tells us about the ocean as a drag on our hearts, and about a driving force that drives us forward. It symbolizes challenges and development, but at the same time carries us forward, says Leif Veggum, director of cash payments at Norges Bank.

– Banknotes are more than means of payment, they are like business cards for Norway.

– GOOD DESIGN: – Here, the Norges Bank was really good in design and ahead of its time, says Geir Lasse Taranger, marine science director, Geir Lasse Taranger, when he first studied the 1000 patch. On the left is a satisfied Leif Veggum, Cash Manager at Norges Bank. Hedvig Idås

Norges Bank has so far introduced four out of five banknotes in the new banknote series. The newest, the 1000-crown banknote, will be launched on 14 November in Bergen. Then the new banknote series is ready.

At nyesedler.no you can find more information about the different banknotes. All notes of the new series have motifs from the sea. The 1000 label is launched in Bergen. Hedvig Idås

COMPLETE banknote series: Here are all five new banknotes in one hand. Norges Bank

In Norway, we rarely issue new banknotes. This is the eighth time. The first time was in 1875, when the crown came out.

– We saw that the countries around us were renewing their banknotes, and we wanted to avoid that Norway became a simple exchange for counterfeiters. According to Veggum, these notes are particularly hard to fake due to their careful technical and design preparation.

One in five pays cash.

For Veggum, it's important to have cash if the technical payment options do not work. [19659006] Currency in circulation in Norway has been in decline since 2016 after remaining stable over the past decade. In retail, every tenth uses cash, while around 20 percent of food purchases are paid in cash.

Norway and Sweden are characterized by low cash consumption worldwide. In Germany, for example, the use of cash is far more common.

A total of between NOK 40 and 50 billion is in circulation and Norges Bank is working to replace the new banknotes.

Since 2007, new banknotes are being used. The first banknotes were launched in 2017, with 100 and 200 kroner banknotes. Last year, 50 crowns and 500 crowns were exchanged. Now you have the $ 1,000 banknote.

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In one month, 4.8 billion banknotes can be rejected in the store.

Why mountains?

– Why should you start it in Bergen? [19659006] – Bergen has been the most important coastal city in Norway for centuries. Today, it houses a number of cutting-edge marine and maritime industries and marine research environments – which brings us to the highest degree like the wave, says Leif Veggum.

WAVES FROM 1000 LAPPER: Here is a lot of money in the waves. The design of the banknote is the result of the merger of two submitted design proposals. Norges Bank

Launch in the aquarium

The 1000-crown note will be launched on November 14 at the Aquarium in Bergen.

Governor of the Central Bank Øystein Olsen will initiate and participants will learn a bit more about banknotes.

– It's great that Norges Bank's new banknotes are putting the spotlight on the sea, says research director Geir Lasse Taranger from the Institute of Marine Research.

The kick-off seminar is public, but space is limited. If you are interested, you can report your interest to the Institute of Marine Research at [email protected] The first 30 who register can participate.

A ROUND IN HAND: The new 1000 patch will be released in November. Next year the old ones have to be exchanged. Hedvig Idås

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