It's the season once again when Apple introduces new features for the iPhone and iPad. The company does it every June at the Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC), a forum to promote app creators for new tools they could use in their apps.

As usual, we're in San Jose on Monday morning to let you know about the anticipated iOS 13 software, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch software. The event will kick off at 10am and will be broadcast live on (Pro Tip: You can only watch from the Safari browser on your computer, iPhone, or iPad.)

The iOS updates are designed to sell new iPhones, but newer iPhones and iPhones also update iPad models new free software that will be effectively converted into new devices.

Apple CEO Tim Cook at a product event. (Photo: Apple)

As always, with the help of our social media friends, we have a lot of ideas for new features that we want to see in iOS 13. And we are not afraid to pass it on with you.

But before we do, can you name your new favorite feature from last year's iOS 12 upgrade, which goes beyond general performance enhancements and bug fixes? I assume the answer is no. Let me give you a brief general refresher. The highlights were the ability to create group video chats in FaceTime, the ScreenTime feature, which keeps track of how many minutes or hours you've spent on your device, and the improved photo search tools from the real-world improvements World we would like to see in the upgrade.

You can forget the even better speed and performance as later iPhones will perform great there. (Besides, you know that Apple tells you that iOS and the new devices are faster and more powerful, so that goes without saying.)

But I want the following:

Better battery management. I do not need extra power, but I could really do with extra juice. If there's any software trick that gives me a full-day battery, please let us know about Apple.

Cancel subscription tools that are not hidden . The burgeoning gravy sauce train has come to an end for Apple with iPhone sales, and the company is trying to make up the difference by focusing on services, more ways to subscribe to music, news, cloud storage, and the like. That's okay, but since it's so easy to sign up and subscribe, how about a really easy way to find the button to unsubscribe? This is a software upgrade that users would really appreciate. For example, if you choose to stop subscribing to Apple Music, I think you'll need to hide eight clicks in Preferences to stop subscribing. I have a new idea: how about a consumer-friendly click?

Better delete tools when you're not in the room. We've all received the nagging news that our phones are out of space. So what now? Delete each photo and video individually? Hunt and peck to find the downloaded podcasts and kill them? How about a stronger administration tool, similar to a disk hierarchy, with which we can find the media and track the progress of deletion?

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Wide selfie mode. We asked for that last year too. Google Pixel 3 has it. Latest Samsung Galaxy phones too. A slightly wider view would really help.

Improvements in low light. Google inspired many critics, including this, with the "Night Sight" mode on the Pixel 3 phone, which allows you to shoot in near total darkness and achieve surprisingly good results. This is a software trick that Apple could easily emulate and make its customers happy.

A completely new and improved Siri. We've listed seven ways to fix the boring digital assistant this week, starting with retirement. "Here's what I found on the web." Please, Apple, make Siri more talkative.

And these posts from our social media group:

robocall blocking. There's nothing we hate more than these automatic calls, right ?, people? So why not use the genius of Apple to find a way to block it immediately? "Robocall is picking to fry their autodial gear," Charlie Banks said on Facebook.

Apps and Data . "Make a setting that lets you disable ALL mobile data apps," Andy Williams said on Facebook. "This is useful if you are using an eSim or a new Sim while traveling, often the 2nd Sim is limited to data and you only want messages, e-mail, web browser, maps, etc."

Find iPhone more efficiently. In particular, users can use the Find My iPhone feature to keep track of and control the phone. The app will not serve any purpose if the phone is stolen and offline, "notes the Twitter user" The Black Denzel .

Call Recording Click a button and save the call – after informing the other party and following applicable local laws – there are currently apps available for this option, but no option for Hammad Ul Hassan made the request on Facebook.

Split Screen See two apps simultaneously on the iPhone, similar to the new tools introduced for the iPad in 2018. " Should not we be able to see YouTube in a window? "Asked Chris MacAskill at Cake 19659004] Many of the new features that Apple is launching can be found on enthusiastic websites, such as the dark mode for iPhone and iPad display a black background on the screen, updates to the mailing app to get rid of garbage and garbage. New look for the homepage. [19659026] Using Google Assistant on Your iPhone with Siri ” width=”580″ data-mycapture-src=”” data-mycapture-sm-src=””/>

How to Use Google Assistant on Your iPhone with Siri (Photo: