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Notre Dame Cathedral: Surrounding streets are decontaminated

Notre Dame Cathedral burned down on April 15, destroying the towers and parts of the roof. Tons of lead from the building melted out of the fire, and the particles spread in the surrounding areas.

  Notre Dames architect says the heat wave could cause the ceiling of the cathedral to collapse.
"After melting at least 300 tons of lead in the spire of the spire and in the roof, Notre-Dame de Paris is now a polluted place," said French environmentalist Robin des Bois in a statement. "The cathedral is now filled with toxic waste."

The renovations to the cathedral were suspended on July 25 to improve the protection of workers from lead contamination. Equipment and procedures are installed to ensure the safety of workers and to better control access to the site so that no environmentally harmful elements can escape.

"Our priority is to protect workers working on the site from danger." Paris prefect Michel Cabot said. "With new safety protocols and the delivery of two new decontamination units, the quality of lead decontamination of workers, machines and equipment is optimized, so the site will continue to power up safely."

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Streets around the cathedral will take more time. According to city officials, the decontamination process should take place in three phases and take three to four weeks.

Detergents will use an absorbent gel and high pressure water jets to clean the area of ​​lead, dust and other precipitate fire.

President Emmanuel Macron has set himself the goal of completing the renovation of the 850-year-old building over a five-year period, and about 850 million euros ($ 955 million) has been committed to the restoration of the cathedral.

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