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Now Google's robotics lab is focusing on machine learning

Google has partnered with researchers from Princeton, Columbia and MIT to develop the TossingBot, which can learn how to put different objects in the right containers and throw them into the right containers. At his first rodeo, the mechanical arm did not know what to do with the stack of items. After 1

4 hours of trial and error analysis with the overhead cameras, the end device was finally pushed 85 percent into the right container.

As the tech giant explains, he programs a robot to properly grasp and control it – throwing certain objects – a screwdriver, for example, could land in different ways, depending on where you hold it – is incredibly difficult. By using machine learning, the robot will instead learn from experience, adapt to new scenarios, and learn spontaneously. This is the kind of machine that could be of use in warehouses and distribution centers like Amazon or UPS.

Next to TossingBot, Robotics is working with Google on an R2-D2-like mobile robot that uses machine learning to navigate new spaces. Researchers also train a set of mechanical hands with fingers to manipulate objects by pressing, pulling and turning. [194559005]

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