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NRA CEO billed OKC ad agency for expenses

The Ackerman McQueen letterhead documents LaPierre "required we rent" the female internally at apartment and requested that he provide details about his / her business relationship with the woman.

The travel expenses include more than $ 200,000 One-month period in late 2012 and early 2013, part of a trip to the Bahamas.

The Ackerman McQueen correspondence, tied to North's challenge to LaPierre last month, so detailed trips to Italy and Budapest in 2014, where the listed expenses included $ 6,500 for lodging at the Four Seasons hotel; $ 2,400 for a stay at the luxury Castadiva Resort on Italy's Lake Como; $ 17,550 for "Air Charter" between Budapest and the Italian city of Brescia; and nearly $ 1

8,300 for a car and driver in both countries.

Ackerman McQueen's historic billings to the NRA are unknown, but court filings report the agency's $ 42 million by the NRA in 2017. Those billings, and the alleged misspending by its one-time ally LaPierre following revelations last fall that the NRA was running millions in the red.

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