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NTSB investigates whether a damaged crash barrier has contributed to a burning deadly wreck of Tesla

This Friday March 23, 201

8 photo of KTVU provided emergency personnel the scene where an electric SUV Tesla crashed into a barrier on US Highway 101 in Mountain View, California. The National Transportation Safety Board has seen two investigators in a fatal accident and fire. The agency says on Twitter that it's not clear whether the Tesla Model X was running on its semi-autonomous control system called Autopilot at the time. The investigators will investigate the fire that broke out after the crash. (KTVU via AP)

Days after a driver was killed when his Tesla Model X crashed near Mountain View, California, a National Transportation Safety Board investigation into the subsequent vehicle fire and a broken crash shield on the US While the question was raised as to whether the SUV was in "autopilot" mode, a Tesla semi – automatic feature had attracted attention – especially in the wake of it. Englisch: emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art … = 263 & lang = en A Fatal Autonomous Uber Crash Arizona Last Week – NTSB investigators say the focus of their probe is to determine why the SUV caught fire and whether the wreck would have unfolded had a crash "Attenuator" worked out as planned. The barrier serves as a buffer between the vehicles and the concrete median.

The NTSB is investigating whether the barrier, which should act as a kind of shock absorber, could have played a role in the severity of the accident. Photos showed extensive damage to the SUV, which was charred and its front end seemed to have been demolished.

The 38-year-old driver was pulled out of the wreck and later died in a hospital. The police said the vehicle was driving at "highway speed".

"We have never seen such a level of damage to a Model X in another crash," Tesla said in a blog post this week. Tesla attributed the severity of the highway component accident to

The automaker, whose shares crashed in the wake of the crash investigations, said it was "deeply saddened" by the crash of March 23rd. The SUV was damaged so badly that the company could not retrieve the vehicle's data logs, Tesla said in the post. The NTSB said Wednesday that it has recovered two pieces of equipment – the restraint control module, which contains information about seat belts and the use of airbags, and a central "infotainment" module with other information. But it was not immediately clear what information could be learned from the components. The SUVs sell for about $ 70,000.

NTSB spokesman Chris O & Neil said Wednesday that the crash damper overseen by the California Department of Transportation had been damaged in a previous incident.

"It was not reset" O said Neil. "[We’re] Looking at the damaged attenuator and looking at an undamaged one and looking whether it had an effect."

A Caltrans spokesman who was contacted by telephone on Wednesday said the agency is investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, O "Neil said it's unclear whether the car is being manually operated or controlled with an assisted driving function known as an autopilot." In contrast to autonomous driving, autopilot offers a limited number of functions, such as: Tesla has said that drivers who use the feature should remain alert and keep their hands on the steering wheel so as not to overly depend on the technology

"Do we want to know if it was in autopilot mode or not? Yes, we want to learn that, "said O & Neil." If we learn that, will we pursue other questions? I think the answer would be, "Does this knowledge constitute a particular safety issue because the mechanics of the accident [aren’t] were fully known."

The NTSB said that there are two investigators on the ground. Systematically investigating rail and plane crashes and incidents on highways that could provide broader visibility into road safety, the federal body said that although vehicle fires are not uncommon, the relative novelty of electric car technology has put the accident at the center. Investigators will investigate how the fire has contributed to the difficulty of the mission's crash response and whether components intended to control the flames function as intended.

"Here we have an electric vehicle involved in a fire after the crash" How did that happen? "Said O & Neil." Did the batteries matter? Have the batteries made it difficult to extinguish the fire? Did it make it worse, harder to transport? "

Tesla has said that its batteries are equipped with firewalls designed to limit how quickly the flames can spread.

" Serious accidents like these can lead to a fire The car-type and Tesla billions of driving data show that a gas car in the United States suffers a fire five times more often than a Tesla vehicle, "the company said in its blog post.

Tesla owners have autopilot on the same stretch of highway about 85,000 times since launch Engaged in 2015, the company said, and drivers navigate the road on autopilot about 200 times a day. "At that time, Tesla said," there has never been an accident that we know of. "

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