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NTSB revokes Tesla status as a party to overthrow investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board has "revoked" Tesla's status as a party investigating a fatal crash that took place in March in Mountain View, California.

2-24-month investigation process On Tuesday, we decided to withdraw from the contract and make a statement to correct misleading claims about autopilot that give the impression autopilot will create security problems when that happens. English: www.automationletter.com/index.php?id=626&L=1 The opposite is the case: in the US there is an auto total of all vehicles across every 86 million miles: Tesla has one death case, including known fatal pedestrians, every 320 million miles in the vehicle s equipped with autopilot hardware. If you drive a Tesla with autopilot hardware, you are 3.7 times less likely to be involved in a fatal accident and this is constantly improving.

In our discussions with the NTSB it became clear that they are more concerned with the press headlines than the promotion of security. Among other things, they repeatedly published partially incomplete information to the media, which violated their own rules, while at the same time trying to prevent us from telling all the facts. We do not think that's right and we will make an official complaint to Congress. We will also publish a Freedom of Information Act request to understand the reasons for their focus on the safest cars in America while ignoring the least secure cars. Maybe there is a reasonable justification for that, but we can not imagine what that could be.

Something that the public may not realize is that the NTSB is not a regulator, but an advisory body. The automotive regulatory agency in the US is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), with whom we have a strong and positive relationship. After a comprehensive study, NHTSA found that even the early version of Tesla Autopilot resulted in 40% fewer crashes. The autopilot has improved significantly since then.

When tested with NHTSA, Model S and Model X each received five stars, not just overall, but in each subcategory. This was the only time an SUV ever hit so well. Of all the cars NHTSA has ever tested, Model S and Model X have been rated as the two cars with the least chance of injury. There is no company that is more interested in security and the evidence speaks for itself. "

The NTSB said that the suspension of party status in investigations is rare, but not unprecedented.

– Robert Ferris has contributed to this report

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