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Nunes sued Twitter, users for defamation and negligence

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9. March 2019, 10:17 GMT

By Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of California is suing Twitter and several of its users for more than $ 250 million in defamation and negligence accused.

The defendants include two anonymous parody accounts, "Devin Nunes & # 39; Mom" ​​and "Devin Nunes & # 39; cow."

The lawsuit filed in Virginia accuses Twitter of "knowingly hosting and monetizing unequivocally abusive, hateful and defamatory content".

Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act provides Internet services that contain immunity from liability for the content posted by their users.

Nunes & # 39; also accuse Twitter of censoring "views he disagrees with" and "shadow-prohibiting conservatives"

. With the shadow ban users can post freely – but nobody sees their messages. Twitter has denied this, although some political conservatives – including President Donald Trump – are unconvinced.

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